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Friday, November 16, 2018

JARRY SCORES by @disgruntledbill

Tristian Jarry finally scored.   He may not be the de facto in starter like his rival Casey DeSmith, but you have to take your wins where you can get them. Crank up you audio so you can hear underrated play by play guy Nick Hart totally freak out.

If you're keeping score the goalie of the WBS Pens is now tied in scoring with Brassard, Sheahan, Rust, and Cullen. This was the 14th goalie goal all time in the AHL's history and the first goalie goal for WBS. WBS beat the Thunderbirds 4-1.  Gotta love AHL games that start at 10 am so WBS and AHL history can happen while I'm mid way through a morning meeting. Cheers to anyone who saw this live.

Our sweet prince Jarry has been gunning for this goal though. He almost scored last week in Hartford.  The puck isn't anywhere close to the net right? Well the thing is that Dustin Tokarski threw his stick onto the ice. When a player throw their stick at a player taking a shot on an empty net goal it should be an automatic goal. The problem was that Tokarski was in the process of leaving the ice, since he hadn't yet reached the bench when his stick was thrown. So instead of an automatic awarded goal, WBS just got a 2 minute powerplay here. Curious stuff.

WBS is currently in third place in the Atlantic division and despite being named the Penguins they do not suck.


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