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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Circling the Drain: Pens down 0-2 Against the Checkers

Was your 10 dollar AHL Live feed loading a bit slow like mine? If so you missed the Pens only goal in game 2.  Joseph Cramarossa scored 22 seconds into the game to give the Penguins the lead. Then nothing happened for the Pens offense for the rest of the game. Jack and nothing .

Paging Daniel Sprong. If Sprong wants to play in the NHL he needs to score in the AHL. This WBS team is counting on him to score a goal a game to give them a chance at winning. This isn’t an option. Sprong needs to score.

Find this man. 

At 13:37 in the 1st Charlotte scored to tie up the game. Bizarro Fleury scored on an awkward angle shot that made everyone in WBS hate this time of year.
The Pens managed to stay out of the penalty box until late in the third. That was a huge improvement for life since WBS didn’t spend half the game killing penalties.

The Checkers play in the hilariously named BOJANGLES Coliseum, which is named after a fine supplier of foods that are fried nearly as well as the Pens are right now. 

WBS plays their first home game of the series Thursday. Thanks to the garbage playoff format in the AHL the home team opens the best of 5 series on the road. WBS will need to win 3 games in a row to keep the season alive and TK from retiring. A sweep in the first round to end the season on home ice Thursday would be a disappointment and an embarrassment. The team better show up on Thursday, I know I will.

At least the Flyers got eliminated before WBS. Cheers.  More from WBS on Thursday night.

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