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Monday, April 30, 2018

1 and 1, & the Dumoulin injury

In retrospect, the Penguins were probably lucky to get out of their first round series with the Flyers with just two injuries. It speaks volumes about what the refs allow to go on when the Capitals are allowed to continue to out-Flyer the Flyers as seen in the latest injury to Brian Dumoulin.

By the way, did anyone else think it looked a little like this:

But let's not go overboard, it's not like precedent has been set.......

Losing a game in Washington was probably going to happen no matter what. However, losing a game AND watching the above injury occur to Dumoulin should leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

No one, anywhere, should feel bad for the Capitals. In fact, after finding the above GIFs and watching them again....They deserve to lose this series.

If karma played a part in keeping the penguins from advancing for 5 years after Matt's Cooke's gut churning head shot to Savard. Tom Wilson's latest, "whoops" should have at least earned the Capitals another year of tears and frustration.

The Penguins hardly showed up to play in the first half of the game. While I might be one of Matt Murray's biggest supporters, that glove, man, c'mon! It's the size of fishing net for a reason.

When Pittsburgh's baseball team can catch better than the Penguin's starting goaltender, it's a major issue. Don't give me any of this, "Hey, they're in first place!" 22 out of 25 years! 22 out of 25 years!

Aaaaaanyway, let's hope some home cooking and couple evenings in their own beds serve the Penguins well.

It would be a good time for Phil and Derrick Brassard to heat up. REALLY GUYS! NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME!!!!!!

Let's all hope Geno is ready to return as well. (knocks on wood)

Let's go Pens!


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