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Monday, February 26, 2018

One More Move Remains by @AlfaM1keFoxtrot

Derick Brassard was a necessity not a luxury.

The top three teams in the Atlantic division have enough quality centers among them to fill the top two lines of every Metro team outside Pennsylvania state lines.

The Flyers worry me, but this year's version of the Flyers is not facing the same immature emotionally fragile version of the Penguins the 2012 version did.

However, if the Penguins are fortunate enough to make it to the conference finals this year, getting beyond that round makes "Big Game Brass" a necessity.

Past that, teams like Nashville, Anaheim, Minnesota and Winnipeg are all deep at center. So much so that Winnipeg would have been downright scary had Vegas not decided to step in and do the Penguins a favor. Even if it tangentially served their own interests. How does the quote go?...."The enemy of my enemy is my friend" least in that case.

Looking back to last year's finals, I still have my doubts that the Penguins would have beat the Predators had Ryan Johansen been healthy. So, in my opinion, Derick Brassard was something the Penguins needed.

Now, having written all of that, I wish the Penguins still had Ian Cole. And, my hope is that before the buzzer rings on tomorrows trade deadline, they are able to find a better defenseman than Matt Hunwick to shore up their bottom pair.

However, Matt Hunwick wasn't the reason the Penguins were outworked and outplayed by Florida Panthers Saturday night. Yes, Hunwick was bad, but so were Dumoulin and Letang. And while Matta has been better this year, he still can't hold a candle to anyone in Nashville's top four. Therefore, I'm not willing to use Hunwick as a scapegoat.

Let's be clear, I'm not down on the our Penguins, I simply want to hold all the players accountable for a poor effort rather than a 6th defenseman that can't make up for everyone's mistakes.

Brassard was priority number one. Upgrading the Penguins bottom four defensemen should be number two.

I have faith. If GMJR can trade the defensive dumpster fire that was 37 year old Rob Scuderi to the Blackhawks (of all teams) for Trevor Daley, I'm confident he can probably find a taker for Matt Hunwick, or least package him and someone like Conner Sheary for an upgrade on defense.

Here's hoping February 26th 2018 offers up the desired solution.

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