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Saturday, December 23, 2017

.@Penguins Festivus- An Airing of Grievances by @Nick422

11:01:00 AM 2
It's December 23rd, two days before Christmas.  In the grand tradition that means it's time to raise the aluminum pole, celebrate Festivus, air some grievances toward the Pittsburgh Penguins and buddy do we have some things to say to you!

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

3 Things You Have to Know about Michael Leighton by @disgruntledbill

5:00:00 PM 2
Josh Arichibald and Sean Maguire were sent to Arizona in exchange for Michael Leighton to help out WBS. This trade likely won’t register as either helping or hurting Pittsburgh. It is important for WBS to find success on the ice. Lately that has not happened.

Leighton played for the Flyers and won a Stanley Cup for the Blackhawks 

 WBS has relied on their strength in goal all season. When DeSmith and Jarry were both called up to Pittsburgh, WBS went 2-3-1 . Since getting DeSmith back WBS has went 1-1-1. Last weekend, DeSmith played on back to back nights and was pulled after letting 4 goals in.  
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12 Days of Penguins: Days 9-12 by @MedinaMarie_PI

12:00:00 PM 5

The home stretch is upon us. Christmas Day is just a few sleeps away and the antici..................pation is almost unbearable. Everyone is rushing around getting their final plans together, visiting family and friends, and buying those last minute gifts.

Presents are wrapped, cookies are baked, eaten and baked again, and children swear they already hear those sleigh bells jingling in the air. The innocence of youth comes upon us all as we wait the blessed Christmas day to come.

With that and no other further ado, I give you the final four days of the 12 Days of Penguins.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

12 Days of Penguins: Days 5-8 by @MedinaMarie_PI

12:00:00 PM 4

Welcome, welcome one and all. As we inch closer to the joyous and merry day of Christmas, let us once again take the time to remember how blessed we are here in Pittsburgh. We have a hockey team that loves it's fans, helps the community, and holds the respect of the hockey world both local and abroad.

sterday began our journey through the 12 Days of Penguins with days 1-4. Let us now continue our little song and see what days 5-8 bring for our enjoyment.
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The Phil 3-017 Rutherford Rants by @ryank_119

8:00:00 AM 0

Win or lose, Rutherford will be making some trades.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

12 Days of Penguins: Days 1-4 by @MedinaMarie_PI

12:00:00 PM 0

I try to keep my columns as straight forward as possible. I will throw in something light hearted every so often but I like facts, I like opinions, and that's how I try to keep it.

However, it's the holiday season and the world is (mostly) full of cheer. Even though the Pittsburgh Penguins are still trying to catch their bearings and figure out how to work out the issues that plague them, the Christmas seasons brings about a time of warm fuzzy feelings, large amounts of sweets and lots of corny songs. The team may be driving us all nuts, but I am feeling most joyful and thankful this season and I wanted to spread that cheer to you.

In the spirit of the season, I would like to add my own cute, and admittedly somewhat corny, version of that most annoying holiday classic: The 12 Days of Christmas.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you, the 12 Days of Penguins (days 1-4):
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Saturday, December 16, 2017

What's Killing the Pittsburgh Penguins by @msteiner90

5:25:00 PM 0
Image result for pittsburgh penguins las vegas
James Neal taking a wristshot from the half-wall on the Penguins' debut game against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Here we are in the middle of December looking at the 2017-18 playoff race from the outside looking in.  It's not a big deal, we've been here before and rallied late.  Teams want to get hot down the stretch, but the Penguins will ever so surely run out of time for adjustments if they don't make changes soon.  Of course we can't expect to win the Stanley Cup every year, but I also don't think the Penguins are very far away from seeing the same success that we've become so used to that we take for granted.

So, what needs to change? Well, for one - the Penguins are in the bottom-five in the NHL in goals against.  The Penguins have been blown out a few times, so this statistic is dogged by a few outliers - but when you're 16-14-3 that statistic is more telling than if they were at the top of the Metropolitan Division.  The defense looks out of place and the backchecking by the forwards has been questionable.  Is the defense tired? Maybe.  Are the forwards tired? Well, they don't seem to be getting around the ice like they used to.  They've played a lot of games - and beyond that, they're playing a lot more than they used to.  When you've played between 20-50 more games than any other team over the last two seasons, sometimes less is more.

In the 2016-17 season, the Penguins were famous for rolling four lines.  This year, the Penguins have not played the lines as evenly - and point production is down.  Below are a couple of tables to help illustrate this issue.  The first table is the Penguins' four centers in 2016-17, their average time on ice per game, average even strength goals/assists/points per game.  The second table is the same for 2017-18 through the first 33 games of the season.  The final table is the year-over-year change between all values of the prior two tables.

Player ATOI EV G/Game EV A/Game EV P/Game
1LC Sidney Crosby 19:53 0.4 0.45 0.85
2LC Evgeni Malkin 18:37 0.35 0.44 0.79
3LC Nick Bonino 16:39 0.14 0.18 0.31
4LC Matt Cullen 13:55 0.13 0.22 0.35

Player ATOI EV G/Game EV A/Game EV P/Game
1LC Sidney Crosby 20:47 0.23 0.27 0.51
2LC Evgeni Malkin 18:33 0.14 0.41 0.55
3LC Riley Sheahan 15:11 0.13 0.25 0.38
4LC Carter Rowney 11:06 0.05 0.05 0.11
Player ATOI EV G/Game EV A/Game EV P/Game
1LC Sidney Crosby 104.53% 58.33% 60.16% 59.30%
2LC Evgeni Malkin 99.64% 38.87% 95.02% 69.81%
3LC Riley Sheahan 91.19% 90.91% 142.86% 120.00%
4LC Carter Rowney 79.76% 42.11% 23.68% 30.32%

There are plenty of problems to dissect, but from a center-perspective - and therefore backbone of the forward lines - I have identified three issues that have manifested since the 2016-17 season:

The first thing that stands out to me - and I hope stands out to you, is that the third-line center problem seems to be more found in fiction than fact.  Riley Sheahan is not the problem.  Sure, he doesn't have a cool nickname like "Bones".  He didn't have a prolific playoff line that was named after a WWF wrestler.  But, with almost 10% less ice-time he's putting 20% more points on the board for the Penguins.  Can we upgrade from Sheahan? Sure.  Is he doing any worse than the third line center who led us to back-to-back Stanley Cups? Not as far as I can tell.

The second take-away is that Carter Rowney is basically a meme.  He is not eating any minutes for this team.  He is producing only 30% of the points that Matt Cullen did - and Matt Cullen did not score much in 2016-17 to be frank.  The fourth line is abysmal.  Ryan Reaves is a favorite target of fans "mad online" about the draft.  He may have been a bust, but maybe not.  But playing him only a handful of minutes a night, and spending the rest of the minutes in the box or bench isn't going to help the Penguins increase 5-on-5 scoring.

And the final take-away is that Sid and Geno just aren't doing enough in 5-on-5 hockey.  They are scoring plentifully on the power play, and Phil Kessel has had a booming season to take away some of the spotlight from "under-performing stars" (the easiest target in Pittsburgh any time they aren't winning Stanley Cups) - but something needs to change for Sid and Geno in even strength hockey.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

In D-efense of Letang by @AlfaM1keFoxtrot

12:00:00 PM 3

Kris Letang is best D-man ON THE TEAM! And if you've joined the haters that have come out of the woodwork recently, you're naïve at best and agenda driven at worst!

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pens Prepare for Fleury- Interview with @JonRudder

12:00:00 PM 1
Tonight the Penguins play the Vegas Marc-Andre Fleury's.  Jon Rudder joined Marc Means on Youngstown Sports Live to discuss the Penguins facing their old mate and to recap what's been an uneven season for the back-to-back champs.

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The Phil - 3-016 Holiday Shopping with Hornqvist by @ryank_119

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'm Not Ready for Tomorrow Night by @Nick422

12:53:00 PM 1
I'm a romantic.  I always have been.  Not in the love sense, either.  I live for the moments that define our lives.  Tomorrow night will mark another one of those moments and, frankly, I'm not ready for it.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Genonaut - page 3 by @ryank_119

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

3 in 3 Minus Goalies! by @disgruntledbill

12:00:00 PM 4

The WBS Penguins have just wrapped up another 3 on 3, playing the Milwaukee Admirals (5-4 OT Win),  the Rochester Americans (5-2 Loss) and the Hershey Bears (4-3 OT) loss. 

WBS's new goalies: Stevens and Peters 
The WBS Pens have now dropped 4 out of 5 games dating back to a losing 2 games on back to back nights against Syracuse just prior to Thanksgiving.  
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