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Friday, October 6, 2017

Dealing With Loss: 5 Positives to Take From That Drubbing by @ToonsBrian

Things don't always go your way in life, love, war or sport. Exhibit A would be Thursday night's beat down of the Pittsburgh Penguins handed out by the Chicago Blackhawks. Any rationally-thinking human adult realizes this and acts accordingly.

For Blackhawks fans, this was a perfect game. For our fellow Pens fans, not so much.

For those of you who may simply find yourself struggling with dealing with the atrocious performance of our Penguins, allow me to offer 5 positives things we can all (well, most of us) take away from last night's game.

1] It Was So Bad It Was Good

There are plenty of things that happen in each of our lives that reach a level of absurdity that's so high, all you can do is laugh. Sometimes, that's just the way it goes. Have you ever seen the Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia Street Fighter movie?

A 10-1 loss - especially to the "leadership"-filled Blackhawks - easily fits into that category.

M. Bison takes in the 1st period
Consider this: Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford contends that there is a direct correlation between laughter and an increase in pain threshold. Effectively, laughter is medicine. Through the release of endorphins, the wretched shit show that was that game actually created - in many ways - a positive social media experience.

I repeat: Last night's game created a largely positive social media experience. That is a feat in itself.

2] That Pittsburgh Guy Did Pretty Well

Not from Chicago
Did you know that Blackhawks forward Brandon Saad is from Pittsburgh? He had a helluva game, offensively and defensively. In fact, Saad's hat trick marked only the second time in the Blackhawks' storied history that a player scored a hatty in their season opener. Bobby Hull has been the only other player, to this point, to accomplish that feat for the 91 year old franchise.

So, take that, Chicago. Pittsburgh just climbed deep inside your record books.

Go "Our Guy"!

3] Odds Are You Didn't Pay to Attend

Chicago: The "Break Wind"y city
Last night's game took place at United Airlines Arena in Chicago. As a result, 18,087-plus Penguins fans were spared having to pay to watch the team take that beating.

That's not to say that some Penguins fans weren't in attendance. I personally know of at least one who did make the trip. To the Pens fans that did attend, I guess this one doesn't apply. Not every positive can be universal. I'll not apologize.

But judging by my friend's Facebook posts, he did get to partake in some of Chicago's amazing dining experiences. So there's that, too.

4] It Wasn't a Big Game

One of the more popular takes on last night's game was that it was Game 2 of an 84 game regular season. That is true. Yet, in the moment, often times our minds get trapped in the immediacy of the events surrounding us. The game (It's still just a game, no?) will be a blip on the radar come April.

For a little more perspective, here's what the game looked like from space!

"In space, no one can hear you scream."

5] Game Wasn't Broadcast in Smell-o-vision

Arthur "Stinky Fingers" Mayer
and his machine
Smell-o-Vision was a real thing. Invented in 1960, the device would release bottle scents at appropriate times during a film, theoretically immersing the viewer even further into the experience. Only one film, Scent of Mystery, was written for and released using this format, however Walt Disney World's California attraction presently uses a similar format (10/10, highly recommended).

Imagine last night's game actually presented in Smell-o-Vision. Your home would be set to reek for weeks. Unless you're in the household cleaning and deodorizing industry, the fact that it wasn't is a very good thing, indeed.

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