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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Penguins Going to White House is a Mistake by @Nick422

“Stick to Sports” is dead.

There is no more debating this.  The moment the 45th president of the United States called for the firing of athletes exercising their Constitutional right to silently protest police brutality, going so far as to call the leader of the movement Colin Kaepernick a “son of a bitch”,  and remaining argument of “Stick to Sports” ended.

It’s what made the Penguins noon time release, done in the middle of an NFL news cycle debating whether more players would join the Ravens and Jaguars lead from this morning’s NFL game in kneeling and standing in unity, all the more tone deaf and pointless.

Done in the manner of the old time 5pm Friday news dump, the Penguins announced they would be accepting Donald Trump’s invitation to the White House to celebrate their second consecutive championship.  This after Trump disinvited Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors’ visit (a day after Curry said he would not be attending).

Their release cited their visits to George H. W. Bush and Barrack Obama as their bipartisan acceptance of prior celebrations.  What they ignore in doing so is that these presidents did not actively seek to turn a nation against each other.  What they ignore in doing so is gloss over the President’s vicious attack on his citizen’s first amendment rights while gleefully praising white supremacy that was responsible for a murder.  What they ignore in doing so is that silence or acceptance of this administration, one that has from the start fed on bigotry, mysogeny, anti-semetism, and racism while doing all they can to silence and squash anyone not rich or white.

What they’ve done by continuing to accept the invitation to normalize an administration bent on harming this country at every possible term for anyone not rich and white.  By placing the honus on their players as to whether they want to attend, and do the right thing, they’ve put targets on individual players backs.

The best course of action for the Penguins is to decline a visit like the Warriors and UNC Tar Heels.  Playing both fields and straddling the fence while trying not to be political is now political with Trump’s words.  Silence is acceptance.  Acceptance is complicity.


  1. Straight up agree with you Nick. Fuck this dumpster fire of a president and his KKK and nazi loving ass.

  2. Do not agree. I am not a trump supporter nor a fan of these crooked politicians, but I feel like the country was in a good plave with racism and police brutality and all of rhis nonsense going on in todays society with Pres. Bush. Obama turned this country against each other in the form of the racial card and equality for everyone, no matter what bathroom you choose.....

    1. Obama turned this country against each other by playing the equality for everyone card? I thought the goal was equality for all. if not, this democratic experiment is a sham. anonymous, is your name comrade trump by chance.

  3. Disagree! The Penquins are a classy organization. I feel they were tight in accepting the invitation to the White house. It's called respect for the office. Why people don't get this. It is called good manners.

  4. Liberal BS taking over PI too... awesome

  5. The Penguins are doing the right thing! You are an idiot!

  6. JB - What Liberal BS?!?! You're a moron!

  7. Anonymous - What the hell are you talking about using the BS about President Bush and President Obama (who is far better than Dump) wanting to turn everybody against one another?!?! What is so bad about equality for everybody? I don't know how that's a problem and it's your Messiah who is turning people against one another and running his mouth about shit that has nothing to do with politics whenever there are bigger things to worry about.....

  8. Completely disagree with the article. What most don't understand, is that these athletes are getting paid to be there. In the NFL, it's a minimum of $450,000/year. They are working for a private organization in a private league in multi-billion dollar tax-funded stadiums. Since they are working, they do not have the right to do whatever the hell they want. So this 'I have a constitutional right' is pure BS.

    The Pens are the only sports franchise acting like adults. This notion that everyone has to like the President is idiotic. If you don't like the current President, vote against him. Stop whining and grow a set!

  9. You sir are crap.
    Just because you can protest and not stand doesn't mean you should.
    Take it off the field.
    These nfl players make stupid amounts of money and can organize protests anywhere and put their money up to back it. But they don't don't.

    Just because you lost the vote...go cry more.

  10. Nick, l agree with you 100%. Trump is a divisive figure attempting to trample our right to speak out. Calling athletes sons of bitches for using their rights as Americans is bullshit. If they want to go to the WH, The Pend should have just said nothing...better yet, they should have declined.

  11. This fool is a narcisstic unqualified self aggrandizing, incompetent, corrupt clown.

    He should be ignored, not the anthem.

  12. Look at all your childish name-calling "This fool..." (Yeah, that's why he's so successful in everything from clothing and wine to real estate to TV production to writing books) is narcisstic (your opinion, millions disagree, but thought that about BO), unqualified (he's been a CEO for 30 years - the president's job is to be chief executive of the country-- are you that uninformed that you think you have to be in politics to run a large, global organization??), self-aggrandizing (opinion; lots of us think he's the only one tough enough to take the BS -- obama would be in tears by now), incompetent (the list of accomplishments in his life is too long -- do your own research) corrupt (yeah, he isn't prosecuting anyone from that last administration, the ones who spied on Americans and gave billions to dictators ), clown (Is that your version of "literally hitler" that the left puts on anyone they don't like?.) Have any facts, or just the usual "mean girl" name-calling?

    If you have a real reason besides "Waaah, he beat our girl," say it. Otherwise, your post and this column are just exposing your shame over putting up such a horrible candidate. Grow up and live with it, like we had to for eight years under the America-hating thug-lover from who-knows-where -- and keep in mind that YOUR state voted for him. Most of all -- and this is for all you name-calling, but unable to debate leftists -- GET OVER IT.) (It's called being a good sport.)


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