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Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Flashback: The 2005 NHL Draft Lottery

Summer gives us time to look back and reflect on the hockey season.  It gives us time to remember years gone by.  It's time to go back and remember some of the most memorable moments in team history.  This edition remembers the 2005 NHL Draft Lottery.

The 2005 NHL Entry Draft was an odd one.  On the tail end of a lockout that cost the entire 2004-05 NHL season, it would be held as a true lottery.  Any team had a shot at the #1 overall pick that year, no matter how good or bad they were.  There were weights to the draft.  Most losing seasons, least times choosing #1 overall, crab rangoon, things of that nature.

By far the worst team in the NHL the season before, the Pittsburgh Penguins, tanked hard to stay financially afloat but with the hope of landing high draft picks.  They missed out on the sure fire #1 overall pick that season, Alex Ovechkin, just to settle on some guy named Evgeni Malkin.  Oddly enough, this "unfortunate" situation would give the Penguins one extra lottery ball.  That extra ball would be enough to start a dynasty.

For thirty heart pounding minutes Penguins fans watched the Draft Lottery.  No Penguins in the picks 30-20.  They weren't called 20-10.  Nothing in 10-6.  Pick #5?  The Canadiens (Carey Price) The 4th?    The Minnesota Wild (Benoit Pouliot)  Third overall?  The Carolina Hurricanes (Jack Johnson).

It came to the top two and the Penguins were in the hunt with the Ducks.  Then things changed.  The next name pulled would belong to the lottery winner.  And that winner was... well...

Let's look back at the moment Sid was taken.

How do you like us now, NHL?

Join us next week for a new Friday Flashback.


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