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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hockey After Dark: Penguins OBLITERATE NBCSN Hockey Ratings Records by @DXTraeger

"...Where Insomnia Hits the Ice."

 (Welcome to "Hockey After Dark," a late-night recap of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  You're going to want to bookmark today's article, as it provides plenty of cannon fodder for those pesky Philadelphia Flyers fans who just insist on telling you how GREAT their fan base is.)

 As, oh I don't know, you may or may not have known, the Pittsburgh Penguins exorcised some franchise Game 7 playoff demons when 3,172 year old Chris Kunitz scored in the 2nd overtime to propel the Penguins into the Stanley Cup Finals for the second straight season.

Judging by the overnight TV ratings, if you live in Pittsburgh...

...or stream the NBC Sports Network via your internet or cell phone hot spot...or use that annoying neighbor who lets her dog poop in your front yard's unsecured internet or cell phone hot spot to watch NBCSN... already knew that the Penguins won, because you were probably watching.
The 'ol "29.7er"
For those of you scoring at home– and judging by your lack of interaction via Facebook, Twitter, and the Comments Section below, I'm starting to doubt that you are!– the 29.7 local rating means that of all potential television viewers in Pittsburgh, nearly 30% of them had their TV on and tuned to the Penguins/Senators' tilt. And yeah, sure, the 29.7 is reached by extrapolating 1/10th of 1%, but MATH!

Explained a bit further: that 29.7 local rating means that 30% of the entire Pittsburgh area was tuned to the game, which even includes the people NOT watching hockey.

So, that's impressive.  In the words of Archer: Vice, "Let's put a pin in that 29.7" because...

"...but, but, the children!  ...and the Buccos."
I would expound upon that 47.0, but the tweet pretty explains the distinction between "Share" and "Local Rating."

Despite what the average Philadelphia Flyers fan would want you to believe, the Penguins rocking the Pittsburgh TV market is absolutely nothing new; in fact, the Penguins DOMINATED the NHL local market landscape this past season:

We're the Howard Stern of Hockey, Folks.
Why, check that out: Philadelphia is #5, #7, and #5 and Pittsburgh is #1, #1, #1.

On the bright side, Flyers fans: "1975" has both a "7" and a "5" in it, so that's AWESOME!


Don't cross the streams.  Crossing the streams is bad...
So far as I can understand it (and why yes, I majored in English), the "Live Minutes" metric is based on people streaming the NBCSN network service, so a total of 24,700,000 minutes were streamed by all users, with the average number of minutes viewed by said users being 94.8k...wait a tick, that's 65.83 days per person...

Okay, okay, so, the English Major thing is failing me– badly– so if you're smarter than me (and I'm hoping this means most of you, for the universe's sake), please explain the average minute audience thingy niner to me and I'll make you famous.

Emilio "Where Are They Now?" Estevez delivering the "Make you Famous" line is now...ironic?
I bring up the streaming thing because...well, because I wanted to make a "Ghostbusters" joke...but yeah, I brought up the streaming numbers because of this:

So, I think I figured out the entire "Average Minute Audience" thing, which is to say that at any given minute during the broadcast, there were 94,800 viewers watching the Penguins gearing up to eliminate the Senators.

Which...while not as impressive as each viewer watching, like, an entire generation of the Flyers NOT winning the Stanley Cup...

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY-OOOOOO!!! still pretty damn amazing, right?

As usual, a hefty congratulations to Pittsburgh, the Penguins, and the Penguins' fans for continually showing the rest of the country (and especially Philadelphia) how TRUE fans follow the best team in the country.

Just think how nice those TV ratings records will look when paired with a back-to-back championship, eh?

Go Pens.


  1. If the C(r)apitals had achieved this they would raise a new banner to go with their attendance record banner.

    1. The 2017-2018 NHL hasn't happened yet....THERE'S STILL TIME, CAPITALS!


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