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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

These Things are Fleury's Fault by @Nick422

After last night's 5-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets, fans are quick to jump on Marc-Andre Fleury for the loss.  Let's take a look at the things that are Marc-Andre Fleury's fault:

That Car Accident You Were In

That Test You Failed

The Milk You Spilled

Your Empty Wallet

That Thing You Will Never Talk About

What Fleury is not to blame for?  Last night's loss.

Find one Penguin who played well last night and you'll find a unicorn.  Fleury didn't have a great game, but neither did the entire team.  Every single player is to blame for last night's loss.  If they'd played any semblance of defense they would have swept and wouldn't be playing Thursday night.

Continue to blame solely Fleury, especially for a 3-1 series lead.  Just know that when you do you look stupid, because blaming any one person for failure, one that had played well and kept the team afloat during their continually awful first periods, is ugly, is vindictive and shows a true lack of knowledge of hockey.  It also makes about as much sense as blaming him for all of your own problems.

It's Fleury's net.  He'll start on Thursday.  Get over it or get out of the fanbase.


  1. FLEURY FLEURY FLEURY!!!!! ❤ my flower!!

  2. Thank you for this statement. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but when the entire team is failing and just singling Fleury out its just moronic. Thank you once again from
    a TRUE Pens fans 💕💕🐧🐧

  3. We lost one game. BIG DEAL! We will prevail!

  4. Flower got hung out to dry on SEVERAL OCCASIONS. Guys in front of him can't turn the puck over behind the blue line and they sure as heck can't let the bj's set up camp in the blue paint ��

  5. Jenner goal Fleury way out of position get over it he sucked big time

  6. Fleury should have come out into the neutral zone more and kept Columbus from bringing the puck in unchecked all night.
    Fleury should have played better D in front of the net.
    Fleury should have put more offensive pressure on Columbus to keep them on their heels rather than attacking.
    So many things he did wrong... ALL his fault!

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