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Monday, February 13, 2017

Fleury Stays with the Penguins and Here's Why by @msteiner90

Marc Andre Fleury stopping a puck at the line.

All over the internet, Twitter and blogs you have most likely seen the hypothetical places the Marc Andre Fleury could land before the trade deadline on March 1, 2017.  While any article that hints at the future home of Marc Andre Fleury helps boost ad revenue for those websites, nothing could be further from the truth.  Marc Andre Fleury will stay in Pittsburgh until the end of the 2016-2017 season and here's why:

Goals Saved Above Expectation Chart
The Fleury versus Murray debate amongst fans has been more heated than a political debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - but just like the political candidates, both goaltenders have left much to be desired compared to their peers.

The Penguins are not a team built around goaltending, but Jim Rutherford understands that goaltending depth is a strength not many other teams can boast.  Many playoff contenders have goaltenders who score better in Goals Saved Above Expectation (GSAE) than the Penguins do, but none have two goaltenders on this list as high at the Penguins 1A and 1B starters are.  The Penguins goaltending situation might not be optimal, but it's just where Jim Rutherford wants it.

Additionally, the trade market for goaltending is tepid at best - and unless the St. Louis Blues decide that Marc Andre Fleury is worth trading Kevin Shattenkirk for, there are not many pieces out there available that would add as much value to the Penguins as having two Stanley Cup goaltenders.  

If the Penguins trade Marc Andre Fleury and a Tom Wilson (or Brandon Dubinsky, for the sake of discussion) type character falls into Matt Murray and blows out his ACL, the Penguins will need to ride Tristan Jarry into the playoffs.  As odd as the situation sounds, the Penguins started Jeff Zatkoff in two playoff games last year.  Goaltending depth is a luxury that not many NHL teams can afford, and the Penguins currently do.  They also have plenty of forward depth, and even the defense core (a noted weakness for years) has been exceptionally strong thanks to the growth of players like Justin Schultz.

Fleury might not be on the Penguins next season, but don't plan on seeing him move before June.  And stop reading articles where we send him to Dallas, because he simply isn't going to Dallas.

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