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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Five Feels Fans Felt Against the Captials by @MedinaMarie_PI

January 16, 2017 could go down as one of the most emotionally exhausting games in Penguins' history at least where fans are concerned. It can only be speculated as to how the members of the team and the coaching staff were feeling both on and behind the bench.

In a game where all seemed lost early, the Penguins' dug down deep (real deep) and pulled off a comeback for the ages.

Whether you watched at home, at the arena, or listened on the radio, the roller coaster ride inside of a fans brain and heart could have been almost too much to handle. Thankfully, when it was all said and done, a sigh of relief was all that was left to muster.

In the spirit of fun (and to help reset tired minds), here is a Gif-istrated look at the top five "feels" Penguins' fans had to endure in a game that is sure to make some sort of "best of.." list.

Feeling: Excited and Anxious

"Oh my gosh, let's do this! The losing us ends to night by breaking the Caps winning streak. Whooooo lets go Pens! But I'm so nervous because our best defenseman is hurt!"

Down 3-0
Feeling: Dispair

"This is not okay. I was hoping this would be the game everything gets fixed. What can they do now? This game is over".

Tied at 3
Feeling: Overjoyed

"YES! Now this is Penguins hockey! We got a game now! Win this Pens!

Feeling: Nervous

*insert nervous silence and heavy breathing here"*

Feeling: Lost their damn minds

At the end of the night, everyone who watched or listened to that game was in need of a nightcap and a good shut eye. The Pens head to a short road trip to take on the Montreal Canadians Wednesday January 18 and then head to Carolina for a battle with the Hurricanes Friday January 20.  Perhaps this hard fought win is what it takes to get the team back to stinging wins together.

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