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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Penguins 2016 Stats by @evil_shero

2016 was when Phil Kessel became a Stanley Cup Champion. 2016 was also a magnificent year for the Penguins as a whole. I took some stats from the calendar year of 2016 (the first to the first) to see what I can see and the numbers are really phenomenal.

In fact, no other team has earned more wins in calendar 2016 than the Penguins with 55 and the most at home with 34. They also have the least amount of losses with 19 and at home with only 6.

The Penguins had 287 goals in 2016 and 166 at home, that is more than any other team. They also generated 2861 (1578 at home) shots which no other team matched. The are only one behind the Sharks with power play goals at 36 at home.  The are were also second in the league with a 24.6% power play conversion at home behind the Ducks.

The Penguins, as a team, were an offensive juggernaut last year topping the league in almost every meaningful statistical category.

Let's get to the one I'm sure everyone has seen already but I really can't help myself.

No human in the NHL has scored more in 2016 than Sir Sidney Patrick Crosby (and hey, Kessel being in the Top 10 is pretty rad too). Having 13 more points than anyone else and playing 6 less game than the second place Kane is an astounding feat.

Let's check only at Home:

So in 2016 no one has scored more goals than Sid with 53, in fact, he did it in less than a typical 82 game season.

Let's look at some other stats: (all Home & Away / 1st to 1st / compared to entire NHL)
  • Letang is 3rd in the NHL in assists with 54
  • Kessel is 11th with 49
  • Hornqvist is 1st in the NHL in +/- with 31
  • Crosby is tied 1st with Hornqvist with 31
  • Ian Cole is 6th in the NHL +/- with 30
  • Justin Schultz is tied for 6th with 30
  • Crosby is 3rd with 16 PPG
  • Hornqvist is 6th with 13 PPG
With the most potent offense in the NHL, most of these really come to no surprise so I tried to find some obscure stats that might have got lost with the more dynamic stats.
  • Matt Cullen is 2nd in the NHL with 4 SHG
  • Cullen is 2nd in the NHL with 6 SHP
  • Kris Letang is 5th with minutes played at 26:56 /gm
  • Sidney Crosby is 5th in the league with 905 FOW
  • Crosby is also 2nd in the NHL with Power Play FOW with 197

Finally here are some lesser cared about stats that the Penguins did really well in this year. 

  • Chris Kunitz is 10th in the NHL in hits with 221
  • Malkin is 10th with minor penalties with 31 (tied with Letang and Jagr)

Kris Letang is 2nd in the NHL with 5 shoot-out goals 4 of them decided the game. In 2016, he had a 71.4% accuracy in OT shoot-outs.

Corsi Even Strength:

  • Hornqvist was 9th with a 57.50

Corsi while leading:

  • Hagelin was 6th at 56.63
  • Rust was 8th 56.03
Corsi while behind:

  • Hornqvist is 2nd with 64.87
  • Crosby is 13th with 61.58
Corsi Close:

  • Crosby is 8th with 57.43
  • Hornqvist is 9th with  57.32
To summarize Hornqvist shoots ... a lot .... no matter what. When the Penguins have the game under control, Rust and Hags try to pile it on. When we need to dig deep and get back in a game Sid and Horny take it to the next level often.

2016 was an outstanding year for the Penguins. We finally got the team that we've been waiting for since 2009. A team that wins, a team that scores, and a team that shoots. If we keep this up a Cup in 2017 isn't a stupid thing to say.

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