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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ryan Whitney and Colby Armstrong Hype Their Pittsburgh Playing Days

Colby Armstrong and Ryan Whitney have played in their fair share of places around the NHL. Seven different organizations, including the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers. They both have plenty of stories to tell of each stay but when Colby Armstrong joined the Spittin Chiclets podcast, which is co-hosted by Ryan Whitney, they talked about their time in Pittsburgh.

For those who aren't aware, Spittin Chiclets is a once weekly (comes out on Friday's) podcast on iTunes that is sponsored by Barstool Sports. The Podcast is hosted by Boston personality Rear Admiral and co-hosted by former Penguin and nine year NHL vet, Ryan Whitney.

The podcast is hilarious and well worth a weekly listen. It's complete with the thickest of Boston and Canadian accents. It includes great hockey talk and always entertaining non hockey segments called, "Ask a Millennial" where Rear Admiral sees if Whitney and producer Mike Grinell know something that is of interest of Rear Admiral from his younger days and where Whitney and Grinell return the favor by, "asking an old f***" if he knows a current slang term.

This past Friday, former Pittsburgh Penguin Colby Armstrong joined the podcast to talk about his time in the NHL and what he's currently up to.

The conversation was almost only about their time in Pittsburgh. It's quite evident they both valued their time in Western Pennsylvania. They discussed everything from Armstrong accidentally sticking Alex Ovechkin in the man parts to having to have the guys at Sportsnet (Colby Armstrong is currently an analyst for Sportnet) create a goal montage Youtube video so his son would stop watching videos of Armstrong injuring players.

Colby joins the guys 16:00 into the podcast and they talk for roughly 27:30 minutes. It's well worth the 30 minutes of your day. Listen here.

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