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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pens Initiative's Top Posts of 2016: Part 3

After the Penguins won the Cup we were all flying high.  However a new season, and the World Cup, were not far away.  On went the grind.


With a new season on the way, Paul went ahead and asked the eight biggest questions facing the 2016-17 Penguins. "8 Questions for the 2016-17 Penguins Season"

We merrily wished Alex Ovechkin a happy birthday in September.  "Happy Belated Birthday Alex Ovechkin!"

While our World Cup of Hockey coverage was popular, few posts garnered more interest than Nick's scolding of USA Hockey for their poor team selection and awful coaching choices. "Dear USA Hockey, This Could Have Been Avoided"

One of the few posts that garnered more was Phil Kessel lighting up USA hockey worse than Nick did.  "Phil Kessel Burns USA Hockey, Wins World Cup, Twitter"

Continuing on the PHIL! train, Nick said that when it came to USA Hockey Phil Kessel ended his career on his terms.  "Phil Kessel Went Out on Top"

And because everyone love PHIL!, this post of fans chanting "Let's Go Kessel!" at the USA/Czech Republic game was huuuuuuge.  "Fans Chant 'Let's Go Kessel!' at USA/Czech Republic Game"

Few things Penguins fans love more than PHIL! is when people trash the Flyers.  NBC Sports' Facebook go in on the act.  "NBC Sports Facebook Trashes Flyers"

Finally came this story out of San Jose.  A story about a man and his lucky beer.  A lucky beer that catapulted his team to the Stanley Cup.  "Mike Sullivan and his Lucky Brew"


In October, Jim Rutherford took to The Player's Tribune to discuss being GM, how he crafted the Penguins, and how the 2016 team came to be.  "Jim Rutherford Tells Us About Being a GM"

After winning the Cup there were many questions.  It's something that Matt took a look a as the season began. "Where Do We Go From Here?"

As happens in business and sports, things change constantly.  This hit home for the Penguins as their home underwent a name change.  Goodbye CONSOL Energy Center.  "Penguins Rename Arena, PPG Acquires Naming Rights"

We live in a time of great Penguins players and Stanley Cups.  The Penguins weren't always so lucky.  Paul took a look at the worst players to ever lace em up in Pittsburgh. "The Penguins All-Time Worst Players"

Taking a look at the goaltender situation, Jon proposed a different approach.  "Could Murray, Not Fleury, Be the Odd Man Out?"

Oh yeah, this happened.  We try to forget.  "BREAKING: Crosby Diagnosed with a Concussion"

The role of enforcer is debatable in the modern NHL.  It's a debate that Medina tackled head on.  "Unleash Tom Sestito"

The likelihood of this being Marc-Andre Fleury's last season as a Penguin is pretty high.  As such Nick gave him his proper thank you.  "No Matter What, Thank You Marc"

Given the possibility of Marc's departure, Paul looked at his probable locations.  "Where the Hell Can Fleury Go?  Six Possibilities."

In history, few players are as noteworthy as Jaromir Jagr.  He started his career in Pittsburgh but his exit was not graceful.  It's caused him some dislike but Nick said it's time to move on.  "Have You Embraced Jagr?  If Not, It's Time"


When Tom Kuhnhackl spent some time stapled to the press box Medina wondered if he was being punished.  "Kuhnhackl in the (Time Out?) Corner"

Alissa's hype videos got us going all season but her best was easily, and arguably, her tribute to Alex Ovechkin.  "Alex Ovechkin: 'All By Myself'"

The start of the 2016-17 season was herky-jerky and weird.  Nick described it in the best way he could.  "The New Schedule is Butt"

With the appearance, and impressive debut, of Jake Guentzel and a battle with Father Time, Medina wondered if we're seeing the last of Chris Kunitz.  "Are Kunitz's Days Numbered?"


Lee took a step back and looked at Evgeni Malkin, the man forgotten in Sid's great year.  "Evgeni Malkin: An Enigmatic Tale"

With a break out season Medina said it's time to stop questioning the abilities of Bryan Rust and respect him for his talent.  "Stop Asking Who the *%@! Bryan Rust Is"

Hockey players are a superstitious type.  Medina looked at the habit of hockey's best.  "Anything for a Win: Game Day Superstitions and Rituals"

As usual the Penguins holiday video is a smash hit.  This year's take on Elf was a popular one among fans and for our readers. "Penguins release 2016 Holiday Video"

When Ryan Whitney and Colby Armstrong joined the Spittin' Chiclets podcast to talk about their days in Pittsburgh it was more than newsworthy. "Ryan Whitney and Colby Armstrong Hype their Days in Pittsburgh"

Coming on New Year's Eve, the Pens Initiative group share their favorite personal moments from the 2016 calendar year.  Thanks for reading and we'll see you in 2017!

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