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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Penguins Release 2016 Holiday Video

Every year the Penguins release their eagerly anticipated holiday video.  This year was no different as the Pens sneakily released their newest video Friday night during their 1-0 loss to the LA Kings.

Years past have seen the Penguins tackle Home Alone and Christmas Vacation.  This year's holiday classic is the 2003 Will Ferrell must-watch "Elf."

Chock full of Penguins in great situations from the all too familiar film, the video is another treasure trove Penguins trying to act... something they should probably not do.  Some of our favorites?

Jim Rutherford's cameo as the Bob Newhart role of Papa Elf.  If he's anything like Grim Rutherford this is perfect beyond words.

Mike Lange taking over the pipes from Leon Redbone as Leon the Snowman, telling Buddy (Malkin) how him being 6'3" with a full beard (...maybe not Malkin) is proof he's not an elf.

Billy G!  He's Santa!  Because of course!  Only slightly better than Ed Azner.

Marc-Andre Fleury enjoying the "not free candy" gum left by the subway.

Chris Kunitz saying "Goodbye!" to Mr. Narwal.

Sid taking a snowball to the face before dishing out his revenge ("Son of a nutcracker!").

PHIL!'s reaction to "SANTAAAAA!" is picture perfect PHIL!

Potash playing seemingly every woman is a little... interesting.

Hornqvist yelling "YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES!" to a poor mall Santa just doing his job. 

And Letang playing Buddy (to perfection) while Walter, aka Matt Cullen (already team dad) sits on as Buddy's mad dad (replacing James Caan).

We've covered a lot but did we miss your favorite moment?  Let us know on Twitter or on Facebook!

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