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Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's a FACT: Penguins Fans are the Best

As if we didn't already know this to be true, the Penguins fans were voted the best fans in all of the NHL as part of a FanSided/Time fandom poll.

It a random, somewhat whacky, listing of all things fandom (included in the list: things like yoga, Westworld, Bernie Sanders and Deadpool) the Penguins came out on top of all NHL teams for the greatest of all fandoms.  So congrats you guys!

In a ranking of 250 items the Pittsburgh Penguins came in at 70th overall, between American Horror Story and NASCAR.  The Steelers topped all Pittsburgh entities at #23.

The top three in this poll?  Beyonce at #3, Star Wars at #2, and bandwagoning Chicago Cubs fans at #1.

To read the whole list click here.

So remember this Pens fans: Next time Sid says we have the best fans in hockey, he's 100% right.


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