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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Gif-ustration of Penguins' Fan Reactions vs. Islanders by @MedinaMarie_PI

While I was sitting at my desk this morning, sipping on my usual Christmas themed, caffeine filled treat (a gingerbread latte), it occurred to me how many emotions Pens' fans must have gone through during the game on November 30 against the New York Islanders. A quick scan though Twitter and it was as I thought...hockey by Cybil. Emotions were all over the place.

To help reset the brain in time for the game against the Dallas Stars on December 1, here an is a fun, Gif-ustrated take on what we all must have looked like as our Pens sadly fell to the Islanders.

It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh!

Having more than two days between games can sometimes feel like two months.

Killing time before 8 o'clock puck drop

Seriously...what are we supposed to do? Wrap Christmas presents? Re-watch the "Pittsburgh is Home" documentary for the fifth time? Contemplate what we are doing with our lives? At least we could all be glad it wasn't a 10 o'clock game, right?

Game ON!

YES! Drop the puck. We are hyped. We are ready to go!

Fast pace, that's exciting!

Keep it up, boys! Keep shooting at the net, keep the pace up. This is great!

Islanders score first.....

Well, that's unfortunate.

End of 1st Period

It's okay. Everything is okay. That was a good first period. They put up a lot of pressure on the goalie. We are good. Everything is fine.

Start of 2nd period

Make some adjustments and come out swinging. Keep the pace up. Get that goal back guys!

Islanders score again....

*sighs heavily*
That is not exactly what we had in mind. Where is the defence ad for the love of GOD stay out of our own end of the ice!



Third Islander's goal

Not ok.
Not at all. It's all crap.

End of second period

By this time, most of us watching the game were over it. Mentally we had tuned it all out. We continued to watch just because there was nothing else better on.

Start of third period


Thank you Fireball! Sheary scores!

OMG! OMG! OMG! There is life. We have hope! Thank you, Conor Sheary! Thank you little fireball!


Wait...what? Schultz? Justin Schultz? Well HELL YEAH!

All tied up thanks to Malkin!!!!

Evgeni Malkin did Evgeni Malkin things!

Maybe OT

Please. Oh, please! Pretty please with ice cream and whipped cream and jimmies/sprinkles and cherries on top. PLEASE go to overtime!

NYI get fourth goal with .26 seconds left

REALLY?! Really? You had one job Pens. You just had to get ust get through the final seconds.

Empty netter

RIP fans.

It's safe to say that there is a definite issue with consistency at the moment. I have faith that Head Coach Mike Sullivan will put boot to behind and get things back on track. Otherwise GM Jim Rutherford is going to be pulling some all nighters to get new personnel that will get this team back to stringing wins together.

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. LOL - this was great....and I love that Kat Stratford is your spirit animal......I like you even more now that you said that!!

  2. Well thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it.


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