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Friday, November 11, 2016

WBS vs. Toronto Recap - Post Game Notes and Quotes by @WBSJeff_PI

#38 Thomas Di Pauli makes Pro debut

Starting Goalies - 

- WBSTristan Jarry (5-1-1; 1.69GAA; .936 SV Pct.)

- TOR: Antoine Bibeau (5-1-1; 1.84GAA; .933 SV Pct.)

Starting Lineups:

- WBS: #2 Ruhwedel, #3 McNeill, #17 Rowney, #29 Kostopoulos, #44 Guentzel

- TOR: #2 Campbell, #3 Valiev, #10 Froese, #19 Leipsic, #37 Lindberg

First Period:

- Penguins came out of the dressing room absolutely flying and they drew an early Penalty because of it. Despite some really nice passing and some great hustle plays to keep a puck or two in the zone, they couldn't capitalize on it. Toronto gained a little bit of life from the kill and after a beautiful display of stick-handling they would get their own PP chance. They would make a tic-tac-toe passing play to make it 1-0. Kapanen made the pass that led directly to Kirby Rychel on the doorstep who couldn't have missed from there if he tried. Following the Goal the Marlies would feed off of the momentum and continue generating quality scoring chances, though Jarry was able to fend them off. The Pens would get their second Power Play chance with just under 8 minutes left in the period. Unfortunately, they were unable to generate any high end scoring chances. Around the 3 minute mark Kirby Rychel would take a feed from behind Jarry's net and make it 2-0 Marlies. Without a doubt, one could argue that this was the worst period of the Penguins season to this point.

- Shots: WBS: 6 TOR: 13

- WBS PP: 0/2 PK: 0/1

- Scoring: TOR - 7:33 - Rychel(1) from Kapanen, Leipsic ; TOR - 16:47 - Rychel(2) from Johnsson

Second Period:

- The teams would play whistle free hockey for a few minutes without much of anything exciting happening. Then Guentzel and Rowney would get a 2-on-1 and nearly score only to watch Antoine Bibeau make a huge save. Less than a minute after the Bibeau save, Jarry would make a shoulder save on a Marlie alone in the slot. A good save indeed, but he left the rebound loose in the crease and Frederick Gauthier was there to muscle it by him. 3-0 Toronto and they were in complete control. Toronto would head to the PP with 13:40 remaining in the 2nd and Josh Archibald would create a SH breakaway that could've turned the game around; he was unable to capitalize. Over the next several minutes Tristan Jarry would make a handful of huge saves to keep the Penguins within 3. WBS would get a late PP chance after an undisciplined penalty from Toronto. In other words, a perfect opportunity to chage momentum. No Dice, they would register on shot on an extremely sloppy Power Play.

- Shots: WBS: 11 ; TOR: 28 

- WBS PP: 0/1 ; PK: 2/2

- Scoring: TOR - 4:30 - Gauthier(1) from Loov, Michalek

Third Period:

- The Penguins came out hot to start the third period and were flying all over the ice. Despite their best efforts, 5 minutes into the frame and they still had nothing to show for it. The GRK line had some sustained zone time and nearly scored but Bibeau was up to the challenge. With exactly 12 minutes remaining Carter Rowney would be whistled for a trip and put the nuclear Power Play of Toronto back in business. Although the Marlies would once again fail to score against the stout kill of the Pens, it zapped about the only energy the Penguins had left from playing catch-up all night long. WBS still is just not executing like the best team in the AHL tonight, they are simply not connecting on easy break-out passes. Antoine Bibeau was solid in net for Toronto but he was not challenged near enough by a WBS team that had been out-shot only once all season coming into this game. Toronto would get one final Power Play after a trip from Simon with 2:40 to go. 10 seconds later Kevin Porter takes a boarding call and it would be a 5-on-3 for TOR. A troubling ending to a really below par performance to open a 3-in-3 weekend for the Pens. A 3-0 shutout is not the way you want to open a busy weekend, especially in a big game at home.

- Shots: WBS: 19 ; TOR: 35

- WBS PP: N/A ; PK: 3/3

- Scoring: N/A

3 Stars:

*** - Gauthier (1G)
** - Rychel (2G)
* - Bibeau (19 Saves)

Post Game Notes & Quotes:

- Clark Donatelli on the size and speed of the Marlies: "They're a good team and they are very well coached. They outworked us here tonight, I think Jarry played really well. He made some big saves when he needed to."

- Donatelli on going forward: "We've gotta learn from it, and we are a better team than that. We just didn't have it here tonight."

- I asked him whether it was Toronto's scheme or a lack of execution that led to the sloppy play tonight and he responded by saying, "It was a little bit of both, we were off tonight but they have good sticks and they are structured. "Clearly frustrated he wen't on to say "It just wasn't out night tonight."

- After an 8 game run of allowing only one regulation goal the Pens have now allowed 4 and 3 in their last two respectively. 

- It was clear that Steve Oleksy wasn't here tonight, he plays with that swagger and physicality that let the opponent know nothing comes easy. WBS will miss him for as long as he is gone.

- The last time WBS was shutout was at home against SPR, which was also the first of a 3-in-3. They went on to win the final two games of the weekend. Surely the Penguins will look to replicate that going forward this weekend. 

Thanks so much for the interaction tonight during the game and to anyone reading my recap here! Follow me on twitter @WBSJeff_PI.

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