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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Penguins Rename Arena, PPG Aquires Naming Rights

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Penguins (Official Twitter page)
Consol Energy Center- we barely knew thee.

The winds of changing seasons blew in a something no one saw coming; a name and sponsorship change to the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In an announcement that came earlier today, Pittsburgh based company PPG has acquired the naming rights to the arena and the change over to a new name will take place immediately. The agreement between the company and the team is set at 20 years.

Say hello to PPG Paints Arena- home of the Pittsburgh Penguins (that will definitely take some getting used to).

In a noon press conference, the Penguins organization welcomed members of the PPG corporation as well as local Pittsburgh council members to the official announcement ceremony. After a brief welcome, Penguins President and CEO David Morehouse took the podium.
"I am proud to say welcome to PPG Paints Arena. PPG is a name that's part of Pittsburgh's history. We are very excited to announce this partnership" he said with a smile and confidence that comes with new beginnings.
Morehouse went on to mention that the organization knew that Consol Energy's business landscape was changing (Consol Energy has posted significant losses for the first two quarters of this year) and said that once PPG came forward with a solid offer to buy the naming rights, the Penguins organization approached CE about the sale.

He warmly thanked Consol for their partnership and for being such an integral part of the team and organization for the past six years. Consol energy will continue to be a partner of the Pittsburgh Penguins for the remaining 14 years of it contract but on a smaller scale.

Next to speak were PPG Vice President, Victor Simakes, and Allegheny County Chief Executive, Rich Fitzgerald. Both spoke on the excitement of the new partnership.
"Very proud of this day. It is always a great day for hockey and it is a great day for PPG" said Simakes
As a whole, the speakers in the press conference mainly talked of PPG as a brand and how its affiliation with such a well known and storied hockey franchise will help both organizations promotionally both nationally and globally.
"As we continue to invest in building our brand, PPG Paints Arena offers us a unique platform to showcase our paints and coating products to help protect and beautify the world" - Michael McGarry PPG Chairman and CEO
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Penguins
PPG hopes to implant promotional events and engagements with the public including handing
out coupons for their products as well as Penguin ticket and gear giveaways.

The 133- year old company already has a major role in the newly named arena. Their products are used all over the building. From the paint on the ice to the coatings on the steel beams from which the building is constructed.

After a slide show depicting how the façade of the arena will change, the PPG executives were presented with an official Penguins game jersey/sweater with the number 16 on the back (denoting that they took over the naming rights in 2016).

Fans of the Penguins immediately took to social media voicing their displeasure on the name change calling it "weird", a "tounge-twister" and that adding "paints" to the name was "too much". There are some even making up new nicknames for the building (the current favorite being the "Paint Bucket"). And rest assured, the goal song will not be changed to "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones.

For me, yes it was a bit of a shock at first. All change is. In hindsight, what is in a name? They could call it "Mac and Cheese with Ketchup Arena", but one fact remains the same- a name is just a name. It's what get's done on the inside that gets remembered. In the end, all that matters is the team that is on the ice and, hopefully, raising more championship banners to the (PPG steel-protectant coated) rafters.


  1. Should have left Paints out. Would have sounded much better.

    1. But they can't. PPG Industries owns over 30 subsidiary companies, namely PPG Architectural Finishes, PPG Architectural Coatings, PPG Industrial Coatings, and PPG Paints. PPG PAINTS is the company that bought the naming rights, not PPG Industries. You can't just leave "paints" out of the company name. Branding doesn't work that way. And that's what's at the heart of this deal. PPG wants to build its PPG Paints brand- they have opened retail paint store locations nationwide. And where better to get lots of name recognition than as the home of the Stanley Cup champs.


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