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Friday, October 7, 2016

Making the Impossible, Possible by @pghgirl15222

Gregory Shamus NHLI via Getty Image

As the beginning of the regular season fast approaches, I began thinking about the Penguins and their run last year to winning the Stanley Cup. More specifically, I thought about everything that had to align for this to happen.

Winning the Cup is the hardest trophy to win in any sports in my mind. It takes a lot more than just talent, (of course having a two headed-monster, some of the most underrated defensive talent in the league and some line called the HBK line helps) it takes the right guys in the locker room, the right coaching, the right owners and a slew of other things that have to happen to make winning possible.

The Penguins have these things in abundance and because of that, the Penguins are capable of hoisting Lord Stanley again after this season.

It’s impossible to create the team that the Penguins have created in a salary cap era. They are the perfect mix of skill, character, hockey intelligence and all-around good guys, and all of these combined made it their destiny to hoist the Cup.

The architect of this utter perfection, Jim Rutherford, also made sure that it would not be immediately broken up after the parade. And for that, we thank him.

I don’t think anyone in the city of Pittsburgh, or beyond, thought that the season would have ended with Sidney Crosby drinking from the Cup, but it’s that exact reason that it was possible. The team went through some major trials, doubts and battles. Through that they started to believe in themselves and each other. Rutherford built the perfect team for his stars, and then put the perfect guy in charge of that team in Mike Sullivan.

This team is built to repeat. Not just because of talent but because every person in that locker room and in that building believes they can.

Get excited Pens fans, it’s time to make history.

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