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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday Alex Ovechkin!

Yesterday was Alexander Ovechkin's 31st birthday and what better way to celebrate than by shining a light on his greatest achievements, championships, and celebrations.

A generational talent, Ovechkin was billed as the natural rival to Sidney Crosby as they both entered the league at the same time.  Through the years they've faced off on the scoresheet and in the trophy cabinet.  And boy has he delivered on the trophies!

And of course he's cleaned up with the trophy that matters, the Stanley Cup.

No, wait.  This can't be right.  Hold on, let's check Wikipedia.




Oh.  Well.  Uh...

Well at least he has that Olympic medal...

Wait what?

Huh... well this is awkward... does he have at least one thing?

Well that's something... maybe...

Anyway, happy birthday Ovie!  Here's to many more!

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