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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Best of Times by @pghgirl15222


It’s almost September. Nothing tastes better than a pumpkin spiced latte (sorry) while walking into an ice rink in September to watch some hockey. Nothing. It’s an automatic chill that goes all the through your body when you realize you are on the verge of another hockey season.

And we are almost there. While we were luckier than most (Stanley Cup Championsssss) the off season has still felt impossibly long. It always does. Yet here we are, and we have a lot to look forward to.

We have a roster that has barely changed, a coach who is has transformed the team  into one that cannot be caught, and a group of players with talent that will only get deeper now that they are injury free. 

They also have a bond that can’t be broken. If you look at the team as a whole they are about as close as they have been. Winning does that to you but so does adversity. To fight through what they fought through in October, November and December and come out on top says a lot about the group of men in that locker room.

So grab your jersey, a beverage and get excited for another hockey of season. And let’s remember, slow starts in October do not doom a team.

Oh, and in Sullivan we trust. 

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