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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Season is Over...Now What? by Medina_Marie17 Yes, those three dreaded words all fans fear. The Cup has been raised. The celebrations continue. The rumors of drafts and trades and who may end up where are beginning to circulate. Ahhh, mid-June. Don't you love it? Since mid-September (because you can't be a true fan if you don't watch pre-season), thousands of us dedicated fanatics have engrossed ourselves in everything hockey.

Fans: "Hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey!"
Other people: "What about football?"
Fans: "DID I STUTTER?!?!?!"

But for now, that is over. Time to return to everyday life and pass the time until the next season begins. For some, that "time passage" began early. For the fortunate fans whose teams stayed alive and made it to the Stanley Cup Final, the wait for the first drop of the puck starts now.

We are all in the same boat. Waiting....waiting.....staring at the clock and calendar....waiting. In the hopes that you good folks do not go utterly insane between now and the start of the 2016-2017 season, I have kindly compiled a list of things you could do to make this period of "back to reality" more enjoyable.

There are, of course, many more than these few suggestions, and feel free to comment underneath the article with your own ideas so that others may possibly use them as a way to pull themselves out of the doldrums this summer.

What to do now that hockey season is over
  • Hockey re-watch or movie nights- Pick a certain night of the week and watch your favorite hockey movies or re-watch the most exciting games from the past season again.
  • Physical activity - Get up off the couch and join a summer roller or deck hockey league.
  • Take a vacation - Relieve the stress of the playoffs and Stanley Cup Final by going to a nice, relaxing beach and letting the sounds of the waves melt all your cares away.
  • Take a road trip - There are so many great places to visit. You could even go to the Hockey Hall of Fame  (as long as you have a valid passport that is).
  • Visit the Penguins - And by that I mean the ones at your local zoo or at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Watch them splash and play and gain some knowledge during the educational demonstrations or feeding times.
  • Stop procrastinating - Maybe it's time to catch up on those projects or work you put off for the past few weeks?
  • Attend a Fan Fest - Many teams offer their fans the opportunity to get up close and personal. This year, to celebrate the Penguins 50th Anniversary, the organization is (finally) having a fan fest in August. Keep an eye out for more information on that
  • Watch the Olympics - You know, that large sporting event held every four years (in the summer or winter) in different cities? The event NBC plugged every other commercial until fans could quote every line verbatim? Yeah, that. You could watch that.
    via GIPHY
  • Tourney time - Can't wait till October? Watch your favorite NHL stars represent their countries and regions in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. Are you Team Canada? Team North America? Team Sweden? Who cares, it's hockey!
  • Literacy is important - Why not pick up a good book? Or any book? Seriously, after all the mind-numbing stress, a little word power won't hurt. I promise.
  • Hey other sports! - While the NHL is away, the NFL trains. Head over to Latrobe (or wherever your team of choice holds training camp) for open practices and meet some of the men of the gridiron. Or take in a baseball game or two.
  • Who am I? - Take the free time to maybe sort out things in your life. Who are you? What is your purpose? Why do you put yourself through torture every spring?
  • Off to Wally World! - Get a group of friends and spend a day riding coasters, playing games and eating your weight in fried deliciousness at a theme/amusement park.
  • Let me tell you about my best friend - Before you venture into the previous noted bullet point, you may want to rebuild those broken friendships that happen from time to time during a heated playoff run. Say "I'm sorry" to those you have hurt with your words when you called Jonathan Toews the "most over-rated player in the NHL." Apologize sincerely for kicking your buddy out into the snow when he suggested they trade Sidney Crosby. Then maybe you can be one, big dysfunctional friend-family again. via GIPHY
  • We are family - You have spent weeks in your Hockey Den. Come back to the land of the living. Meet your family again. They have missed you. Please come up from the basement.
  • Off the grid - Reconnect with yourself and nature. Take a camping trip. No cell phone, no computer. Completely off the grid. Remind yourself of the things that really matter.
  • 5..4..3..2...1 - If you MUST, you could always make a fun countdown app or calendar to count down the days 'til the season starts. But really, why torture yourself like that?
  • Look what I can do now - You have all summer, why not try and learn a new skill? Do something you have always wanted to try. Cooking or art class? Photography? Maybe even challenge yourself and overcome a fear (like going skydiving if you are afraid of heights). Build yourself up as a person and learn something new...besides how to cuss out a ref in the four major hockey languages.

  • Chop Chop Chop - The playoffs are over! For the love of God, SHAVE or trim up those scraggly beards! Please, I am begging! Having a beard is fine, but take care of it. Make it look nice. Otherwise, get rid of it.

    Again, these are just a few suggestions on how to pass the time this off-season. You also have training camp and all sorts of other hockey-related events to come as well. What are some of your off-season plans? Me...I have not figured that out yet either but I am hoping a beach is involved at some point.

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