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Monday, June 13, 2016

Steven Oleksy Parties Hard, But, Responsibly By @williamahirsch

Fred Kfoury III - Icon Sportswire 
Hockey players' drinking habits have been something of legend, and sometimes a major problem. Before the days of Gatorade, the "boys" used to pound a beer or two in the locker room post game.

I've had an Ex-NHL player make a comical remark to a locker room full of adult league players coming off the ice after a game, "What's this Gatorade? By this time after games we'd have already been a beer deep." 

The joke drew a bunch of laughs.

That's why when Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Steven Oleksy, 30, admitted to drinking his first sip of alcohol during the Penguins Stanley Cup victory celebration last night, it may have taken people by surprise. 

It's true! Known enforcer Steven Oleksy doesn't drink. He's even been quoted as calling himself, "The best DD (designated driver) in the league."

That's not to say he doesn't have his fair share of fun, because he does, he just feels he doesn't need alcohol to do it.

That deserves some RESPEK (If you don't get this joke google "Birdman Respek").

So, it was last night, while celebrating the Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup Championship, and partying with Lord Stanley's Cup, that Oleksy took his first sip of alcohol, out of the greatest cup there is, while it was being fed to him by the best player in the game.

That's a pretty sweet way to have your first and only sip of alcohol, Steven. Congratulations and thank you for partying hard, but, partying responsibly.

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