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Thursday, June 9, 2016

NEW SONG! Bonino by @timmshady

This is a brand new song by our friend Tim Shady. You can follow him on twitter @timmshady! He does all kinds of songs, parodies, and poems all about this magnificent team.

I’m a hockey player
I’m a young centerman, and I got stars around me like I’m Letterman
Can’t find a better man, on the third line, it’s my time, let me shine
If you want to join just come follow behind
Got a Penguin on my chest, a beard on my chin
Put me on the faceoff and all I do is win
Like T-Pain in his prime with with the autotune
Got a lot of goons like Sestito rolling with me that’ll slaughter you
A lot of you, want to test me, what you thinking?
Cause I’ll chop you down quick, got a beard like Lincoln
And a beer I’ll be drinking right out of the Stanley Cup
Yes, you’re out of luck when I’m on the ice with the puck
You better Duck when you see coming me like you’re Anaheim
Breaking Amish on the ice, and no sir it ain’t a crime,
A mennonite, but during the day I’m an All Star
Put me on the line, and you know that I will ball hard
Hagelin on my left, Kessel on my right
Making sandwiches and shirts after us and it’s all right
It’s HBK every day, and you know that it’s a beauty
With the beard around my neck, call it Sweet Chin Music
Yes we do it, drop your towels and come give this line a hand
Show-stopping, elbow-dropping and we’re tuning up the band

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