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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Crowns and Clowns: Stanley Cup Final by @Medina_Marie17

They stared down impossible odds like David Vs. Goliath. Marching through the final legs of the regular season, the Penguins came into the Playoffs as the hottest team in the NHL and facing the toughest Playoff bracket.

The Boys in Black rallied against the Rangers, clobbered the Capitals (the heavy favourite for the Cup) and battled the Bolts in 7 games to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. This series was basically all business. Not much tom- foolery to be had but there are a few tidbits worth mentioning.

So here it is cats and kittens, the Crowns and Clowns of the Stanley Cup Final.


High King- The Pittsburgh Penguins:
Kind of self-explanatory isn't it?

Prince- Brian Dumoulin:
Talk about making it count. The boy who couldn't buy a goal with solid gold bars all season long is the one who makes the biggest splash. After finally earning his well deserved 2nd goal (1st playoff goal), Brian Dumoulin scores first in Game 6 to open the flood gates for a game that would end with a Cup raised on high. He took a beating every game and it paid off greatly. Way to go, Dumo, you Sherman Tank. Nothing and no one was going to keep you down.

Take a look at his Power Play goal from Game 6 again right here:

Duke- Phil Kessel
We should be calling him Mr. Conn Smythe, but things don't always go the way we, the fans and media, hope. But, in the overall sense, things went exactly like Phil Kessel hoped. From being run out of town in Toronto to now being a Stanley Cup Champion, the one they call Red Panda is smiling from ear to ear. 10 goals, countless assists along with an interview with Pierre McGuire that will live on as long as the memory of this Cup run. From Zero to Hero....he is Phil the Thrill.

Honorable Knight- Patric Hornqvist:
An honourable mention goes to this tough-as-nails Swede. When you take a puck to the noggin to block a scoring chance, it gets you a seat at the table.


The Bozo- Haters:

I get it. We all have our favourite players. Our favourite teams. But give credit where it is due. Saying the Penguins don't deserve to win this Cup is absolute lunacy. Think about everything that the team has gone through from Game 1 in October to Game 6 of the Final in June...and you want to say that this group doesn't deserve this championship? Greatness will rise to the top while the lesser fall. It doesn't mean the other teams weren't means the winning team was willing to fight for it more. But hate on, get #MadOnline and spew your drivel on Twitter. It makes the Penguins even more famous.

The Simpleton- Logan Coutoure:

Every center in the league cheats on a faceoff at one point or another, Logan. It's a common and accepted practice. Get over it. Better luck next year. Find full story here:
The Jester-'s a tie:

I could not decide which one fit the mold better, so I am listing them both. First of all, Mr. Brent Burns. A man of your...character...should be sucking it up and playing like a man instead of whining about calls. Les jawing and more time concentrating on the game at hand may have changed the entire outlook for your team. Man up, beard boy. Now go shave.

The second goes to the Sharks Public Relations Department or whoever books their National Anthem Singers. I am pretty sure the Sharks wont be using celebrity singers anymore considering both times they did (Metallica and Train), they lost. The Penguins use the same person 95% of the time. The Penguins are champions. Be like the Penguins. #JeffJimersonForever

And that's the end, my subjects. But don't be so sad. There is plenty more coverage to come this off season. Many more things to discuss and talk about. There is even discussion of making Crowns and Clowns a recorded video recap (think of something along the lines of the Pens Trends kind of thing only much more opinionated).

Her Royal Highness, the Puck Princess Medina, hopes you have enjoyed these segments and beseeches you to please continue to follow all of her articles this summer. Be on the look out in October for the 1st instalment of Crowns and Clowns 2016-2017.

The Penguins are the Stanley Cup Champions...see you all at the parade!

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