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Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's a wrap, a Pens Poem by @timmshady

It's a Wrap
by Tim “Shady” Anzelone

The series is winding, the games are dwindled
The flames have gone down in a matchup once kindled
But it still isn’t over - no cups or rings
Until all the handshakes, until Kessel sings

‘The Phil’ has provided a magical thrill
And the Penguins are rolling, down Capital hill
The Caps won the season, but playoffs are here
Where Washington visits, but leaves every year

Sometimes it’s the skill and precision of players
Post-games of parties, with pregames of prayer
The grit and the hits won’t win you the cup
It’s having Matt Murray, and a tidbit of luck

This team’s been a dream since they’ve found their new coach
Who has taught, and has brought them a whole new approach
You don’t have to fight back any bully or troll
The best way to revenge is to score some more goals

That’s been the motto, and it’s worked for the season
Finally a leader the team can believe in
Big hits and slashes, with dashes of hate
Matched and outclassed, by flashes of great

The slurs will be heard when the game comes to end
The fans will need cans from Red Derby to mend
They’ll yell and they’ll tell you how Crosby’s a girl
Ovechkin is better, the best in the world

Facts will not matter, they will never own it
So skip any chatter, and enjoy this moment
Pens have the light, and it’s their time to shine
This round is a wrap, and it’s about time.

1 comment:

  1. Great poem tlm! Tuesday will be the wrap on home ice.


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