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Monday, April 11, 2016

Vote for the Biggest Pens Villain - Finals

Now, after five weeks of voting, a final two candidates have emerged out of a field of 56. Brandon Dubinsky and Mike Milbury are near universally disliked by Pens fans, and now a near impossible choice has emerged - which one is worse and should be named the Biggest Pens Villain?

Brandon Dubinsky

Brandon Dubinsky (67%) over Scott Hartnell (33%)
Brandon Dubinsky (72%) over Pierre McGuire (28%)
Brandon Dubinsky (78%) over Claude Giroux (22%)
Brandon Dubinsky (92%) over Colin Campbell (8%)
Brandon Dubinsky - Bye

Brandon Dubinsky is one of the biggest pests in the game, and it's no surprise that he's made it this far after having one of the four brackets bear his name. He has a long history of questionable play, but it wasn't until November this season until the NHL finally did something about it, suspending him 1 game for cross checking Sidney Crosby in the neck, then again while he laid prone on the ice with enough force to break his stick. It was an embarrassingly light sentence for an embarrassing player, and he's one of the few in the league the normally reserved Crosby can't hide his disdain for.

Mike Milbury

Mike Milbury (68%) over Zac Rinaldo (32%)
Mike Milbury (79%) over Alexander Ovechkin (21%)
Mike Milbury (66%) over John Tortorella (34%)
Mike Milbury (91%) over David Volek (9%)
Mike Milbury - Bye

Like Dubinsky, Mike Milbury also had a bracket named after himself, and it's little surprise to see the two meet in the finals. As an analyst for NBC, Milbury makes sure is annoying presence is felt by any viewer unfortunate enough to watch the intermissions. Milbury displays a mindset that is out of touch with today's game and still mired in the goon mentality from years prior. Of course, this is the man who went into the stands as a player and beat a fan with their own shoe, so perhaps that's not so surprising. In addition to making a fool out of himself on national TV, Milbury was arguably the worst GM in NHL history when he oversaw the New York Islanders.

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