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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stop Using Sidney Crosby To Prove You're Sexist By @WilliamAHirsch

Jared Wickerham - DK Pittsburgh Sports
Hockey is a "man's" game. It's physical, it's violent, and high octane. There is always something happening. There most certainly is no room for complaining about the physical nature of the game because if you do, you're a little girl.

While hockey is physical, violent at times and always high octane, it's a game that can be for everybody. It should be for everybody.

What we do far too often in the sport is alienate the female fans. They're as big a part of the game as anyone.

Women are integral to the growth of the game.

If you truly want to grow the sport, then calling you're least favorite player a p**** is not going to make females feel welcome.

I'm not going to embed tweets with the phrases, "Crosby" and "p****" but go ahead and see for yourself what happens when you give people the chance to be anonymous and a large outlet like twitter looks like when you search for those terms.

So heres a thought: Stop using Sidney Crosby to be sexist.

I get it. He's arguably the best player in the game. He's a constant target for hatred from other fanbases and that's completely understandable. However, when that hatred and dissing turns to sexism (which is almost every time) it paints a bad picture for female hockey fans who love the game and want to watch and enjoy the game without feeling like the lesser or the objectified being.

These types of tweets are constant and Sidney Crosby is almost always the target.

Why Crosby?

Most of it has to do with what an incredible player he is. Crosby is putting up points nearing the rate of Wayne Gretzky.

Wayne Gretsky's era adjusted point totals are: 0.49 GPG; 1.56 PGP

Crosby's point totals are: 0.48 GPG; 1.36 PGP

Another large portion of it has to do with the fact that Sidney Crosby doesn't fit the necessary, "macho man" brute that has been attributed to National Hockey League players by society.

Crosby instead focuses more on the skill of the game and being able to fight off hits with his lower body power.

It's understandable why Crosby is the target of opposing fans' ridicule. That's a part of the game that will always be but what doesn't have to be is feminizing players as proof it's a bad thing.

Women aren't a bad thing and their inclusion into the game and welcoming them is the biggest key to unlocking the NHL becoming the most popular sport around the world, and most importantly, North America.


  1. I'm sorry but by trying to feminize hockey , you are killing the sport . Look what it's done to the NFL . Sure now they get big $ but I stopped watching it . If women don't like the rough game they can watch golf or tennis . Leave a man's game for men . Why can't men have just one thing in this world just for us ? And please , Crosby is a great player but don't try to make him out to be the Great one or even near Mario . It just sounds stupid .

  2. "Why can't men have just one thing in the world just for us?" Is this a joke? Cause if it is, it's HILARIOUS.

  3. As a female who has a master's degree in sports administration and was Director of Business Operations for a junior team in Wisconsin I feel confident in pointing out your "leave a man's game for men" comment completely misses the point of the article. No one is saying we should turn hockey into a game of flag football to appease a female fan base. What he's saying is opposing teams fans using derogatory terms that are female based is wrong. And it is. Plain and simple. Furthermore, your question asking why men can't have "just one thing" for yourselves is the most asinine statement I've heard this year. I won't start a list of things men have just for themselves because it would take too damn long, but I would implore you to please think before you type.


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