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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vote for the Biggest Pens Villain - Bracket Finals

With only 8 left from the original field of 56, this week's voting for the Biggest Pens Villain will crown a winner in each bracket and set up the final contenders to face each other to see who the fanbase loathes the most. Each remaining contender has had to go through several rounds of voting to get this far, and the four who emerge victorious from their brackets will have earned it.

Bettman Bracket - March 29, 2016

Biggest Blowout: Scott Hartnell (64%) over Gary Bettman (36%)

Closest Contest: Marc Staal (63%) over Tuukka Rask (37%)

Another bracket namesake bites this dust, as Gary Bettman couldn't overcome the hate and loathing Pens fans have for Scott Hartnell. It was the first vote that held Hartnell under 90%, but he was still able to come away with a convincing victory over the commissioner. He'll face a tough matchup in the bracket finals when he faces off against Marc Staal, the Rangers defenseman who has gained notoriety among the fanbase for his repeated cheap shots to the head and neck of Sidney Crosby.

Dubinsky Bracket - March 29, 2016

Biggest Blowout: Brandon Dubinsky (78%) over Claude Giroux (22%)

Closest Contest: Pierre McGuire (62%) over Adam Graves (38%)

Brandon Dubinsky has now moved on with some lopsided margins of victory over some tough opposition - he's beaten Colin Campbell and Claude Giroux to bring him one step away from winning the bracket that bears his name. To do so, he'll need to make it past Pierre McGuire, who faced stiff competition of his own in the last round when he took on Adam Graves. The obnoxious NBC broadcaster will enter as the underdog, and it remains to be seen if anyone can slow down Dubinsky.

Milbury Bracket - March 30, 2016

Biggest Blowout: Alexander Ovechkin (82%) over Jack Edwards (18%)

Closest Contest: Mike Milbury (66%) over John Tortorella (34%)

Like Dubinsky, Mike Milbury also stands one victory away from winning the bracket named after himself, and he got to this point by beating Dubinsky's head coach and partner in crime John Tortorella. It won't be so easy in the bracket finals, as Alexander Ovechkin has mowed down the competition placed in his path and will be more than a worthy challenger.

Scuderi Bracket - March 30, 2016

Biggest Blowout: Zac Rinaldo (82%) over David Morehous (18%)

Closest Contest: Brad Marchand (57%) over Henrik Lundqvist (43%)

With both bye earners bowing out before the bracket semifinals, the Scuderi Bracket was arguably the most wide open, but now it'll be a couple of cheap-shotting pests vying to win the bracket and move on to face the others. The talented one is Brad Marchand, who despite scoring 34 goals this year will never be able to move past his reputation for dirty plays, but he'll have a tough time against Zac Rinaldo, the untalented one. Rinaldo has the benefit of both being a useless player on the ice and having played for the Flyers for years, and he's been running rampant over the competition up to this point.

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