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Friday, March 25, 2016

Remember When Crosby & Malkin Were Tradeable? I Don't by @LCJS

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are good at hockey.

Newsflash! This isn't news.

What seemingly HAS been news is the shockingly high number of people STILL wondering if the Pens should trade one head of their two-headed monster. There have been many examples (such as this, this and this) of writers posing the question this season.

The Tribune-Review's Rob Rossi opined:
Crosby and Malkin ARE home.

First and second respectively among active players, they rank 5th and 14th among all players in points per game over their careers:

1. Wayne Gretzky* 1.921
2. Mario Lemieux* 1.883
3. Mike Bossy* 1.497
4. Bobby Orr* 1.393
5. Sidney Crosby 1.331 
6. Marcel Dionne* 1.314
7. Peter Stastny* 1.268
8. Peter Forsberg* 1.250
9. Kent Nilsson 1.240
10. Phil Esposito* 1.240
11. Guy Lafleur* 1.202
12. Joe Sakic* 1.191
13. Dale Hawerchuk* 1.186
14. Evgeni Malkin 1.180 
15. Pat LaFontaine* 1.171

The only question anyone should be asking is would you trade Crosby FOR Malkin, or vice versa?

I understand that no player is above being traded - the Gretzky trade proved that - but it simply doesn't make sense to do it here. It didn't make sense when Crosby was playing poorly and it doesn't make sense now that he's EN FUEGO! Same with Malkin; he's injured - not dead. He'll be back to "I'm score" in no time.

There are 29 other teams that would love to be in such a position of plenty where you can skate two future ELITE Hall of Famers during their prime.

I will caution that players do tend to drop off at their career's end. Mario Lemieux carried a points per game average of over 2.0 for most of his career, only to drop to 2nd place during his twilight years. The same fate is before Crosby and Malkin, but putting up numbers during these scoring Dark Ages that stand alongside those of yesteryear's greats, they maintain their place at the top of the game.

So, to answer this question for the next time it rears its ugly head - No, Crosby and Malkin should not be traded.

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