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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Crowns and Clowns Week 2: 3/20-3/26

Hear ye, hear ye....a proclamation has gone out from the Castle de Penguin and her royal highness, the Puck Princess Medina.

Each week, the most pleasing and the most unsatisfactory moments or plays from Penguins sporting events will be, henceforth, featured in a recap column that will allow the legion fast to praise their dark knight's of momentous triumphs....or jest at their tom-foolery

Welcome to Week 2 my loyal subjects and fans of the flightless, feathered fowl.  We are off to a whirlwind start to the recap week already so let's not waste any time. Here are your Crowns & Clowns for this weeks crop of match-ups.


High King(s):  Some tough choices had to be made because there were SO many great plays or great moments this week. In the end, the power hath to be shared. With both racking up 5 point games against Detroit on 3/26 (including one goal each), sharing the title of High Kings this week are Phil Kessel and Nick Bonino (yes, you read that correctly). In yet another come from behind victory, The Red Panda and Bones-y both put up highlight reel worthy goals in the  eventual 7-2 routing of the Red Wings (clips below). Well done, gentlemen. Just make sure you share the throne nicely.

Phil Kessel Power Play Goal:
Nick Bonino's filthy wicked goal:

Prince:  Everyone loves a good goal celebration. But a GREAT celly can live forever. This one is no exception. It makes it even more epic knowing it comes from the son of a legend. Tom Kuhnhackl's goal and "on his back" celebration is not only a thing of beauty, it's incredibly adorable. The kid I call "Knux" is truly making his mark on the team and in the NHL- so how about we stop all the "never be as good as his father" comments, Pierre?

(Note: I gave him the nickname "Knux" due to there already being a "Kuni" on the team and "Kuhn" sounding like a racial slur. I am #NotSorry and I will continue to use this nickname, even if I am the only one.)
Duke:  Let's make this short and sweet- goals...all the goals!!!!

* The Bozo:  Without a doubt, this weeks Bozo Award goes to Washington Capitals defenseman, Mike Weber. The last time I checked, I thought the NHL was trying to get away from the typical Goon-style of hockey. Yet he faces no punishment, even after an ejection, for trying to behead Bryan Rust not once but TWICE in the game on 3/20. Playing physical is one thing, but going out of your way to really try and hurt someone long-term is another. Pass the jingle hat, Staal...Bozo Weber now reigns.

Weber boards Rust
— EvgeniMalkin's Ego (@EvgeniMaIkinEgo) March 21, 2016

— NHL on NBC (@NHLonNBCSports) March 20, 2016

The Simpleton: The things a player will do when they are frustrated and down in a game- the list is long and full of questionable decisions and very poor choices. Welp...add this one from Pavel Datsyuk on 3/26 to the list (it makes the number 2 slot instead of the 1st only because Mr. Weber was a multiple- time offender in the game against the Caps). A player with as much time spent in the NHL as he has, you would think he would know better than to crack someone in the chin, especially another veteran player. I don't care if you are losing by 100 or how ticked off you are. I would say that if the situation were flip flopped as well. The following clip is a true definition for the phrase "Things that are NOT ok....":

The Jester: This is the blemish smack dab in the middle of what should have been an epic week for the Penguins. Coming off a terrific weekend against the (then) surging Flyers and the Capitals (the #1 team in the league), the Pens had three days of rest before they faced the New Jersey Devils. This turned out to be at least one day too long. Looking sluggish, disengaged, and disjointed through most of the game, the Devils would shut out the Penguins 3-0 with a tremendous effort from rookie net-minder, Scott Wedgewood. I will leave this graphic here as a reminder that you can never underestimate a desperate team and what too much time off can do to a teams momentum:

It has been an exciting two weeks in Penguin land. On this Easter Sunday, they will continue their march to clinch a playoff spot against the Rangers in the always- rockin Madison Square Garden. What will this next week have to offer us fans...I cannot wait to find out, but so far, it has us all looking like these:

*Many thanks you Cam Easton (@NotEvenFehr ) and @EvgeniMalkinsEgo for the clips as well as Pittsburgh #Pens (@MeganSm81) for her help as well. Thanks for having this Princess' back when she is lost in the Twitter-verse*

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