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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Biggest Pens Villain - Scuderi Bracket Semifinals

The Scuderi Bracket

The Scuderi Bracket will continue into the semifinals without the man it was named after.

Henrik Lundqvist vs Brad Marchand

Henrik Lundqvist (70%) over Rob Scuderi (30%)
Henrik Lundqvist (76%) over Paul Steigerwald (24%)

Brad Marchand (88%) over Derek Stepan (12%)
Brad Marchand (57%) over Jeremy Roenick (43%)

Rob Scuderi was the first of the four bracket namesakes to fall, and Henrik Lundqvist managed the task with a comfortable 70% of the vote. Lundqvist started the tournament strong with his net push against the Penguins, but he'll face one of the most annoying opposing players on the schedule. Brad Marchand survived arguably the most challenging first round match-up against Jeremy Roenick, and given his obnoxious and dirty nature he'll look to dispatch Lundqvist and move onto the bracket finals.

David Morehouse vs Zac Rinaldo

David Morehouse (73%) over Ted Leonsis (27%)
David Morehouse (59%) over Max Pacioretty (41%)

Zac Rinaldo (73%) over Mike Johnston (27%)
Zac Rinaldo (93%) over Petr Svoboda (7%)

While those formerly associated with the Penguins didn't have a good quarterfinals, it's a current member of the organization that kept moving forward. David Morehouse has been needlessly meddlesome in the affairs of Hockey Operations, and his strong-armed tactics in taking over the organization below the ownership level has helped propel him forward to the bracket semifinals. He'll face a difficult, if not impossible, task in moving forward though, as Zac Rinaldo has epitomized everything that is wrong with the NHL's goon mentality. Largely talented and starting his career with the Philadelphia Flyers, it's easy to see why Pens fans would despise Rinaldo as much as they do, and it's entirely possible that Rinaldo runs away with the voting in the Scuderi Bracket and moves on to face the other bracket winners.

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