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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Biggest Pens Villain - Scuderi Bracket Quarterfinals

The Scuderi Bracket

The Scuderi Bracket had arguably the best match-up of the entire Opening round when Brad Marchand faced off against Jeremy Roenick. Marchand won the contest, and he moved on to the next round along with Derek Stepan, Ted Leonsis, David Morehouse, and Zac Rinaldo. Rob Scuderi and Mike Johnston enter the mix, and at the end of the voting only four will remain standing to continue moving on deeper into the tournament.

Rob Scuderi vs Henrik Lundqvist

Rob Scuderi - Bye

Henrik Lundqvist (76%) over Paul Steigerwald (24%)

Henrik Lundqvist has long been known for his acting performances trying to buy calls, but it was his recent flip of the net after being taken out by his own teammate that has renewed the furor directed his way by Pens fans. He'll try to flip the script in the next round of voting as he goes up against the biggest Penguin whipping boy of recent seasons. Rob Scuderi returned to Pittsburgh on a huge 4 year, $13 million deal, and he quickly proved to be worth neither the term nor the money, and he wasn't anywhere close either. Despite playing at an AHL level, Scuderi remained in the lineup to act as an anchor to the rest of the defense before Jim Rutherford finally found a taker for the defenseman in the Chicago Blackhawks.

Brad Marchand vs Derek Stepan

Brad Marchand (57%) over Jeremy Roenick (43%)

Derek Stepan (77%) over David Perron (23%)

In what was maybe the toughest match-up of the Opening Round, Brad Marchand advanced past Jeremy Roenick and into the bracket quarterfinals, and the noted Boston pest should likely cruise to the semifinals facing less stiff competition. Derek Stepan has been a thorn in the Penguins' side as the Rangers have eliminated Pittsburgh from the playoffs the past two seasons, but he'll be up against one of the most grating and obnoxious players in the league.

Ted Leonsis vs David Morehouse

Ted Leonsis (67%) over David Shaw (33%)

David Morehouse (59%) over Max Pacioretty (41%)

Ted Leonsis has been the loud, opinionated owner of the Washington Capitals since buying the team in 1999, and his obsession with the Pittsburgh Penguins has been crystal clear ever since. He'll need to do something his Capitals team has struggled with to move on - beat Pittsburgh in a tournament setting. David Morehouse will present tough competition for the Washington owner, as the current CEO and President of the Penguins made a power play to take complete control of the hockey operations in the 2014 offseason despite any experience in the field, and he's made a mockery of the job in just two short years.

Zac Rinaldo vs Mike Johnston

Zac Rinaldo (93%) over Petr Svoboda (7%)

Mike Johnston - Bye

When you think of talentless goon, Zac Rinaldo is probably the player who comes to mind. Rinaldo cruised to an easy victory in the Opening Round, and he has the potential to make a deep run through the bracket. The hatred for all things Philadelphia will be tested in the bracket quarterfinals by a coach who helped run a talented Pittsburgh offense into the ground. Mike Johnston started his tenure as Penguins head coach with a bang, but things started to fizzle before the end of his first year, and when the puck dropped on the new season it was clear that Johnston had turned the Pens into a listless, lifeless collection of players robotically going through the motions. He was fired in December, and the team immediately began showing signs of life under new coach Mike Sullivan.

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