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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Biggest Pens Villain - Dubinsky Bracket Semifinals

The Dubinsky Bracket

The Dubinsky Bracket has just 4 contenders left standing, and it's hard to argue the chances of any of them. Brandon Dubinsky headlined the bracket, and he's joined in the semifinals with Claude Giroux, Adam Graves, and Pierre McGuire. Given the absolute disdain for Dubinsky from the fanbase and Sidney Crosby himself, the headliner should be the favorite to advance out of the bracket, but it would be difficult to consider it an upset if any of the other three moved on.

Brandon Dubinsky vs Claude Giroux

Brandon Dubinsky (92%) over Colin Campbell (8%)
Brandon Dubinsky - Bye

Claude Giroux (79%) over Ed Rendell (21%)
Claude Giroux (87%) over Jim Balsillie (13%)

Brandon Dubinsky easily moved onto the semifinals with 92% of the vote against an opponent as strong Colin Campbell, the former NHL discipline czar who was all too willingly to let dangerous hits go by unpunished. It's a strong showing that has to make him the favorite against Flyers captain Claude Giroux, who has beaten the former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell and the former Blackberry CEO Jim Balsillie, who at one point had agreed in principle to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins but later backed out when he realized he couldn't move the team to Hamilton, Ontario.

Adam Graves vs Pierre McGuire

Adam Graves (68%) over Craig Adams (32%)
Adam Graves (52%) over Jeremy Jacobs (48%)

Pierre McGuire (77%) over Kerry Fraser (23%)
Pierre McGuire - Bye

Adam Graves narrowly pulled out a victory in the Opening Round over Jeremy Jacobs, the reviled Boston Bruins owner who was one of the main driving forces behind the lockouts before having an easier time getting past former whipping boy Craig Adams in the bracket quarterfinals. He'll face off against NBC broadcaster Pierre McGuire, who has annoyed national audiences with useless facts and trivia for years, and were it not for a disagreement on term could have easily become the Penguins' GM during the 2014 offseason.

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