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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Are Yinz Not Entertained By @WillHirschNHL

Marc Andre Fleury (Via Pinterest) 
Yesterday I was scanning through my twitter machine, which, if you follow me or know me, I do quite a lot. I noticed that the most recent NHL hot take is that there isn't enough scoring and that the game has become, "boring."

Anyone who knows true championship caliber teams knows they don't win 5-4 games. They are the teams that can win a hard fought 2-1 game.

Sure, scoring five goals a game is entertaining but is it worth it if you are losing?

The Penguins recently went on a six game winning streak much in part to their stellar defensive play and the fact that Marc-Andre Fleury was playing out of his mind.

The Pens finished the month of October with a 1.82 goals against average. That was tied for first in the NHL with the New York Rangers. It was also the third best goals against average in a single month in franchise history.

Before the debacle in Calgary a few nights ago, the Pens had a 1.50 GAA on the road. The best mark in the NHL.

Their 94% penalty kill rate in that same span also ranks first. Johnny Gaudreau's power play goal on Saturday night was the first goal given up on the penalty kill by the Penguins in 21 opportunities.

Since October 13th, the Pens have posted a 9-2 record and the 1.82 GAA in that span ranks third best in the NHL.

Ever since Pittsburgh started playing well defensively and Fleury got hot, they have been winning. In the grand scheme of things, that's all that matters. Winning a low scoring game beats losing a high scoring game any day, at least in my mind. It should to you too.

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