Top 10 Reasons Gary Bettman will Award a Franchise to Vegas but Not Quebec City by @ChrisRBarron

10. Doesn't believe ice is necessary for hockey.

9. Things are working out so well in Arizona that Vegas just seems like a gimme.

8. Worried that poutine sounds like some sort of sexual innuendo. This is a family game after all.

7. After talking to his friend Donald Trump, growing concern about the possibility of the U.S. building a wall along the Canadian border.

6. Jagr personally lobbied him for a Vegas franchise.

5. The Arizona-Vegas rivalry will draw tens of fans! Who needs a Habs-Nordiques rivalry?

4. Canadians are so nice that they will never complain about being forced to subsidize losing franchises in non-hockey markets. Just keep those funny looking dollars heading south boys!

3. Don Cherry

2. Apparently, the prospects of realignment that would be necessary if Quebec City got a franchise dwarfed concerns about pouring hundreds of millions of dollars down a sandy black hole in Vegas.

1. Promises to move the Vegas franchise to Quebec City in five years after the franchises loses $100 million! This kills two birds with one stone! Genius!
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