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Monday, October 19, 2015

Mario Lemieux: The Nordique?

This post is from our new friend Rob Joncas you can find him on twitter @ROMcomROB. He runs a site called where he delves deep into +Pittsburgh Penguins history and recounts some amazing stories. Here is a +Pens Initiative exclusive about Mario Lemieux almost becoming a Quebec Nordique?

The year was 1985, the date was April 27 and I was four years old and not writing blog posts.

Times in Pittsburgh were tough.

Even though Mario Lemieux was beginning to alter the landscape of hockey in Pittsburgh,
rumours began to circulate around the NHL that teams were interested in the rights for him.

The Penguins were experiencing a cash crunch, and the sharks smelled blood and began circle the igloo.

Speculation began to arise at what the cost would be to acquire Lemieux.

Lemieux had just finished up his rookie campaign and was the heavy favourite to capture the Calder trophy after he scored 100 points (43 goals, 57 assists) in 73 games.

So when Carling O’Keefe, owner of the Quebec Nordiques at the time, suggested that the rights to Mario Lemieux were worth around 5 million dollars, people listened.

What would make Lemieux worth 5 million?

His popularity in the Province of Quebec and the marketing potential that followed behind it. (on a side note I remember seeing Mario grace a bottle of Aqua Velva in 1995 at a store near my high school)

Marketing a French player to a French audience provided many exciting possibilities.

Another reason O’Keefe was so O’keen (sorry, I had to go for it) on acquiring Lemieux, was he wanted to put him on the same team (same line?) as fellow French Canadian and all time great Michel Goulet.

Imagine the nightmares those two would have caused for goaltenders around the league.

I can almost  hear the French commentators calling the action now.

“Goulet à Lemieux. Il tire, il marque.”

I digress.

A team housing 2 of the best French-Canadian players would not only elevate the status of the Nordiques to an elite level, but also provide some much needed levity to the battle of Quebec that the Nords were fighting against the Les Canadiens at the time.

When Nordiques team President, Marcel Aubut, was questioned about the possibility of the O’keefe deal coming to pass, he simply answered, “I don’t think John Ziegler (League President) would even allow a trade involving the Penguins”.

So that was that. The end of the Lemieux and Province of Quebec romance. Over as quick as it began as many great relationships are

Hey, at least we got some Aqua Velva:

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