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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CONSOL Energy Center and the National Anthem

I know I am probably going to come off as a buzzkill and a ruiner of fun for writing this, but I think this needs to be addressed. Why do people feel the need to act like idiots as soon as someone starts singing the National Anthem?

We've all seen it, whether it be on television or in person. Jeff Jimmerson walks out of the tunnel and onto the carpet preparing to sing the anthem. Shortly after, some drunk guy screams "Lets Go Pens!" Look, I get it. You're amped up, and justifiably so! You paid good money to sit in your comfortable seat chugging your overpriced light beer in order to escape all of the worlds problems for a few hours. Again, I get it, but is it really hard for you to be quiet for one minute to respect the anthem? Every intermission, Pittsburgh fans salute military men and women by treating them to a ride on the Zamboni while fans clap and cheer. In addition, just about every home game men and women that are serving or have served in our military get a shout out on the jumbotron. Both are very nice gestures, and these servicemen and women deserve our recognition, but I ask...

Why pick and choose when you want to be respectful toward our service men and women and our country?

To me, it's insanely disrespectful to just scream and "Whoo" during the anthem. That goes for the Canadian anthem as well. If you're going to sing along, by all means go ahead. To some people, the National Anthem has a very important meaning to them.  I know it does for myself. Times like this are why a country's National Anthem can be so important. Olympic athletes listen to it in times of great triumph, and others listen to it in times of sorrow. It can be symbolic on many different levels. There is going to be plenty of time for you to scream and make a fool of yourself. I'm sure I am wasting my breath and time writing this, because Yinzers are going to do what Yinzers want to do. But I ask, can we please try to be respectful in the future? Probably not, but wishful thinking I suppose.


  1. It's become a sign of the times, really. And sad. People do what they want to do and somehow everybody is supposed to be okay with it. Not. Cool.

  2. I agree with all my heart!!


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