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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When In Doubt, Hate Rob Scuderi by @ChicksDigHockey

I opened twitter over the weekend and saw a random tweet about how much Rob Scuderi sucks. Its preseason and the Pens didn't play that day but someone felt the need to bash Rob Scuderi. Maybe that person had a bad morning, maybe they splashed coffee on their shirt that strained across their beer pudge, maybe their comb was filled with a tangle of falling out hair….for whatever the reason, they just spontaneously tweeted a little Scuderi hate. 

When in doubt, hate on Scuderi.

He’s aging, he’s slowed a step. He has a sweet contract that doesn’t just hit the cap, it kicks it.….just hate on Scuderi.

Why not? He isn't the same Rob Scuderi who lifted the cup with the Pens in ’09. If you’re looking for that Scuderi, he’s gone and won’t be back. His body has withstood multiple injuries, exhausting TOI and more than a few times dropping the gloves. He's easy to criticize. Even if you don't know much about hockey, you can always hate on Scuderi.

How does he compare to Kris Letang? He doesn’t! At 36 he’s a bottom pair D man and his TOI will reflect that.

If you ask actual media people who cover the Pens what the team and coaches think of Rob Scuderi, they will tell you without hesitation that he is loved. He’s a vet who's hoisted the Cup twice and is respected as a leader with an impeccable work ethic.

This is the point where all the stats people’s heads are exploding. (You know who you are) How dare I come out in support of a player who’s numbers show he is worthy of your hate? Because, while numbers can undoubtedly be useful in evaluating performance, (gasp)... they aren't everything. You simply can't quantify some intangibles, like willingness to block a shot.

Many people want to argue that Scuderi should not be playing in favor of younger defensemen, but Derrick Pouliot, for one, doesn't look quite ready to start the season. Those same people want to pick and choose which coaching decisions to support and which to label as “What were they thinking?” with the perfect focus of hindsight. Scuderi is being vetted in preseason along with all the others still vying for a position. If they play #4 ahead of other candidates, could it be that, in their expert opinion, he’s the best choice? Do you really think coaches sit around and say, “Player X gives us a better chance to win but put in Rob Scuderi.”

Perception versus reality. The hating of Scuderi has become as tired as the Cindy Crosby jokes. What if, instead of showing your obvious hockey superiority by piling on Rob Scuderi, you made a positive comment or said something constructive?

Hahahaha….what fun would that be? When in doubt, hate on Scuderi.


  1. Every year it's trendy to not like a player on your own team from Tangradi to Kennedy to Bennett to now, Scuderi ... it will never make sense to me.

  2. Well I think you need to watch those guys play (besides Bennett), and then it would make sense to you.


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