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Friday, September 25, 2015

Penguins' Fans are Ready to #PartyHard by @kjcmalakai

I love goal horns and goal songs.  They are part of what makes attending a National Hockey Game a unique experience from the other major North American Sports.  So when the Penguins switched their goal song from Song 2 by Blur, to Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter, to Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation over the past several seasons, I was pretty bummed.  I had gotten attached to Song 2 since I had attended the most games when it was the Penguins' goal song.  Rock and Roll Part 2, while a fan favorite from the '90's, just had to go (see why here).  Kernkraft 400 seemed like an "oh crap we need a new goal song because the guy that sings the other song is a really bad dude" safe choice for the Penguins to choose last season, but was really uninspiring (plus it is the same song used by the Boston Bruins, so eww).

Since I am using the word "uninspiring" as a synonym for "sucks as a goal song" when describing Kernkraft 400, and since the last several seasons have proven that the choice for the Penguins' goal song is dynamic, it is time once again for the Penguins to change their goal song.

If you have any kind of a presence on Twitter and follow the usual suspects when it comes to hockey, and specifically the Penguins, you would have had to notice a clamoring by the fans for the Penguins to use the song Party Hard by Andrew W. K. as their new goal song.

These tweets represent a (very) small sample size of the support that Party Hard has as a goal song for the Penguins.  To see just how much, go to Twitter and search Party Hard Penguins.  The results are quite extensive.  Even Andrew W K (unofficially) appears to be in support of using his song.

As well as his wife.

Just in case you were wondering if the Penguins are listening to the fans (well, at least their Twitter account is)...

Our own Evil Shero has already done most of the work for the Penguins.

So, are yinz ready to Party Hard?  I know I am.

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