The Pittsburgh Leopolds (@ryannoble66) Win the Inaugural #PIFHL Championship, Goon Squad (@LCJS) 2nd Place


The Pittsburgh Leopolds beat the Goon Squad this week to win the PIFHL Championship!

Ryan Noble had this to say about his stunning victory:
“I was honestly shocked I won. First I thought there was no chance I beat Liz but got lucky. Then I figured Lee was going to destroy me but Pittsburgh couldn't win and my team just had a solid week in the finals. I probably had some Canadian advantages as well.”
Lee Sobotka, owner of the Goon Squad, had this to say:
“It’s heartbreaking for sure. To so thoroughly dominate the regular season only to fall short is disappointing.  I leaned on the Penguins goal tending this season and I’ve gone as they went.  I rolled the dice and lost."
Tune in next year for more thrilling PIFHL action!
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