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Monday, April 20, 2015

I Love It When They Chant "Crosby Sucks" and This & That by @ChicksDigHockey

(via Penguins)
*~ I love it when opponents chant "CROSBY SUCKS". The NYR crowd managed several rounds of the popular chant at the garden and were especially vocal during Saturday’s Game 2....until he scored  twice.
I hope they do it every game! In fact, I’d be all for chanting it at CEC!! It ignites Crosby.
 Match meet gasoline!!
Sid is such an intense perfectionist that I think he views it as a challenge to elevate his game. Crosby netted two goals in that game and Geno seemed in favor of him adding the EN at the end for a hatty.....but it was not to be. 

His first goal of the night came as he was falling down after Rangers’ rookie Kevin Hayes failed to clear the puck on a rebound. It was beautiful. Judging by the crowd noise, Crosby  ceased to suck when the puck crossed the goal line....as though Sid said to the crowd "Hush now".
He's so under-appreciated on the road.

*~ News from the Pens today about Ehrhoff isn't good:

The good news is, Taylor Chorney has been working his butt off! He's been an asset on the second powerplay unit, directing the breakout and distributing the puck with confidence in the offensive zone. A silver lining, if you will.

*~ Max Lapierre has been described as an “agitating, versatile forward”. 

Yes, he is. 

 I can't tell you how many times, when researching him, I read, "Likes to stir the pot every shift and can get opponents off their game. Skates well. Is sound defensively and owns the versatility to play either center or wing." It is the perfect description of him as a player and what makes him so key to the Pens'4th line in the playoffs.
Many shook their heads when the Pens swapped Marcel Goc for him in January, citing that they were too similar but Lapierre has proven to be a grittier faster skater. He's been a great addition in the faceoff circle. 

Earlier in the season, Mike Colligan wrote, " He’s exactly what Pittsburgh has been missing on their fourth line dating all the way back to the departure of Mike Rupp in 2011." At that writing he also predicted, "He’s going to be a difference-maker at some point in the playoffs."

Holy Hockey Predictions, Batman!!
Lapierre was key in the lone goal in Game 1 against the Rangers. He got himself in front of Lundqvist allowing Comeau to get Lovejoy’s rebound past the King. Net front traffic is a beautiful thing.

'Lappy' was mic'd up during game 2.

(Video via Pittsburgh Penguins)

*~ Fleury has been playing stalwart hockey, stopping 62 of 67 shots in the first two games. He’s looked so acrobatic in the paint and his confidence has been almost palpable. Such a different Fleury than last year.

InGoal Magazine broke it down this way:

"When he's on: At his best, Fleury uses his natural athleticism to react from his skates, waiting out shooters from his new, more neutral positioning and letting his hands take care of the top corners.

When he's off: Fleury tends to react from his knees, dropping and collapsing his hands to his side in more of a blocking butterfly before reacting out with his hands, often too late."

He hasn't been perfect and I'm sure there are a couple of goals he'd like back but he appears to have escaped some of his postseason woes from the past and is looking calm and collected in the crease.

With as many penalties as the Pens are taking, the PK needs to be strong! After all (say it with me) "Your goaltender needs to be your best penalty-killer."


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