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Friday, February 20, 2015

Should You Trust Mike Johnston? by @pghgirl15222

Trust is something that is not given lightly. We do not even reach a point where we "decide" to trust someone but rather it is a gut instinct that randomly happens with each passed test. It is a concept humans are born with and stays with us until our last day.

This article is not about statistics. I could give you a ton of reasons either way on why you should or should not trust Mike Johnston as the man in charge of the team we live for. This is about the gut feeling that all of us have. 

Should you trust Mike Johnston?

The simple answer would be no for an awful lot of fans. I am here to try and change your mind or at least give you some considerations.

The Penguins are hurting. They look frustrated and exhausted. In turn they are forcing chemistry that should be naturally developed and allowing massive mistakes in the process. I get it. Fans find no excuse for a team that calls some of the best in the world their own.

Consider this though: do we start whole new aspects of our jobs without some bumps along the way? I know I have not. The Penguins completed a massive overhaul of the team this off-season. The old country club mentality was replaced with a hungry general manager and coaching staff that forces their players to be held responsible as well as a new system that challenges the guys to play defensively sound hockey.

It is not easy to change a whole team without some casualites. It should not last forever but comparing it the Penguins teams of the past is unrealistic and unfair to them and blaming Johnston for their forced passes or dumb turnovers is also unrealistic and unfair. He can scream logics and intellegence until he loses his voice but during the game when they mess up it cannot all  be on him.

Don't misunderstand what I am implying. As he has sat Beau Bennett for his compete level he needs to understand his compete level should improve as well. Giving the Pens an optional game day practice after two loses is questionable at best.

Yet, just as we need the time to allow change, he does too. Axing him now will not fix the issue. Give him the chance to make his changes. How we recover from adversity is much more telling than the adversity itself. Give him his season. And then make your choice.

Regardless of if he was the first or tenth candidate the Penguins interviewed he is the man they chose. The man Mario chose.

That should be worth something, right?

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