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Saturday, February 14, 2015

TRP: Voltron Goalie, Sid's 600th and Paul Martin's Face by @LCJS

By: Lee C.J. Sobotka | Staff Writer

This is Three Rivers Philosophizer - A weekly review of stuff that is going on in my brain... at least the stuff that has to do with hockey. If you don't like it, I don't blame you.

This Week In #FartNoise:

Penguins @ Canucks

Down 2-0, Pens fans were restless during this late night, West Coast game.

When the 3rd started and the Canucks made it 5-0, I turned the game off so that my wife could play video games.

Red Wings @ Penguins


Oh NBC...

One minute and fifty one seconds into the game, Hornqvist scored to make the score 1-0 Pens.  Letang got one assist and Comeau (back from his injury) got the other.

Comeau was obivously excited to be back in the lineup, as he scored the 2nd goal of the game later in the 1st.

I'll let you guess who scored early in the 2nd to make the score 3-0 Pens:
The ice was totally tilted towards the Pens at this point.
Shortly thereafter, Spaling made it 4-0.
The Pens looked great but Paul Martin had looked better:

NBC was able to jinx Fleury, as this was talked about mere minutes before the Red Wings scored on a power play.
Still, Fleury was able to beat his personal best shutout streak:
In the end, the Pens were victorious!

Penguins @ Senators

Life got in the way and I was unable to "cover" this game, so to speak.  Still, it was a great win!

Around The Web:

Now THIS is soccer that I'd watch! SOCK HER!

So, I hear Garth Brooks was in town:


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Song of the Week:

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