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Thursday, February 19, 2015

One Slice of Humble Pie, Please by @pghgirl15222

Pittsburgh fans are passionate. They bleed the colors of the team they root for. It’s personal. We are born with it around these parts. It isn’t some casual bar activity but rather a religion that we must partake in every game day.

With this passion comes an entitlement. 

The Penguins boast some of the best in the game. With our hockey team there is no reason to lose in fans eyes. If it’s not a Cup, it’s a failure and frankly it’s gotten out of hand. During the offseason fans demanded changes. Shero and Bylsma were stale and the country club mentality was old.

Enter Jim Rutherford and Mike Johnston. 

Rutherford gutted the team. He rebuilt it with guys like Blake Comeau and Patric Hornqvist. Guys with the blue collar mentality known and adored around Pittsburgh.

Johnston changed the system. He was recently heard saying that in his system it is best run with all forwards as having a sort of “partner” that they stay with. Even if the odd man out changes, they stay with their partner. He enjoys the mid-game line changes that Pittsburgh fans so desperately begged for under Bylsma.

That was not enough for fans. Injures have plagued a team trying to rebuild on a brand new system and a coach they are not familiar with. That is not acceptable to fans. Johnston cannot run this system properly with injured “partners” but that also does not matter. Perfection is what is wanted. 

Crosby has had a boring year. He is not destroying the league. He’s human after ten years in the league. He is not perfect. Trade him. Strip his "C" and let him go.

See where I am going with this? It is unrealistic to expect a team to be perfect every year. I know I have personally learned so much from the times where I have fallen down and have had to pick myself up and try again. The Penguins the first or sixth seed come the post-season does not change their chances at a Cup.

Them having a “must win” mentality and learning from failing does change their chance.

I am not saying don’t have an opinion. I love that fans are so passionate about Pittsburgh. I have a few friends over in England that stay up all kinds of crazy hours to support this team. And that is awesome.

I am simply  noting that by being constantly negative you are ruining the whole point of the game. Enjoyment. You look spoiled and ridiculous. You are also wrong.

Sidney Crosby is allowed to be human. Mike Johnston is allowed to have the time to adjust his players to a new system. And the Penguins have not decreased their Cup odds by losing a few games. 

So until the time comes when you need to worry, don’t. Enjoy the beautiful game of hockey and have a slice of humble pie.


  1. Here are some facts:

    Pens this morning are in 4th place in the Metropolitan Division
    Pens have not scored a power play goal in their last 9 games
    Pens are 5-4-1 in their last 10 games
    Pens have scored one goal in three games versus the Capitals
    Pens have lost more games at home this season than all of last season
    Pens are 1-2-1 against the Rangers and Islanders

  2. HCMJ needs to be in the hot seat. It's not the second week of the season. Honeymoon is over. He's been given the keys to a team with the two best players in the NHL and Pens are now in 4th place and free falling. If the trend continues they could miss the playoffs. They show no emotion or desire. There are those who will say you have to wait for the team to build chemistry, that we had too many injures to allow chemistry, give it time, etc. This happened several times during the past 5 seasons and Pens overcame it. While I think Rutherford is a good fit for the Pens not so with Johnston. He is a student of the game and knows it well but I believe can't translate that to the players at the NHL level. There is no fire, emotion, or desire. Yes Dupis provided a lot of that but we were able to do very well without him a majority of last season. And the Pens desperately need a big gritty forward to stop players lik eOvie from running over them.

  3. And I see my first comment was deleted ?

  4. Yes, it was. It was a highly offensive and inappropriate comment. The other two were not. Your continued need to comment is also a bit intense. The Penguins are a completely different team and comparing (or attempting to) compare it to the Penguins of the past is unreasonable and illogical. You pull an overhaul of management, a whole new system, a slew of new players and then proceed to get injures, you are going to need some time to fix issues. If you do not see that, I do not know what to tell you. Have a nice day.

  5. So I guess a former Pen who is high respected is overacting here ?

  6. First off there was no foul language or inappropriateness in that comment whatsoever. What I said was amusing and light hearted. Second, if you fancy yourself a sports writer you need to have thicker skin. Third, if you can't handle the facts about the Pens, then you are living in a dream world.


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