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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Le Trial and Tribulations of @Kris58Letang: The Return to Le Internets!

Allo, my friends! It has been a while since my last time posts on le page. Cool things is I learned that I can write on the internet and no longer need to mail a piece of paper with my words to the Pens Initiative people. Who knew!

 I am sorry for some of those who may have sads I have not been around but last year was really tough times in my life as you may know.

Since being sick I have been very luckys to come back and play super wicked hockey. I feel excellent and I think that has shows on my games. Though I feel great now, last year I didn't.  Many people have been nice but before I got sick many of you on the twitters and internets were not liking my hockey game. They were saying things like “Trade Letang” and “Letang sucks”. When I saw dis I got so sad that I called my best friends Marc-Andre. I say “Allo Marc-Andre” and he said “hi”.

I told him about these people on the internet and he tells me that people on the internets are stupid. They are not happys ever and only use this internet for complaining, to steal stuff and to watch porn. After looking at the porns, Marc-Andre finally gots my attention back and told me people may hate me today but tomorrow would be different.  He also told me that I suck and started to laughs.. So I said “Screw you Marc-Andre” and I hang up the phones. Marc Andre thinks he is so funny.

After a year I come back and I see the people that live in the internet loves me again! They say “I love Chris Letang” Which is nice though that’s not how my names is spelled and they even say I should win the Norris!

So thank you people of the internet and please try not to be so stupid tomorrow! 

*This is a joke.This is not the real Kris Letang.
All in good fun.
Written (poorly) by @ryannoble66*

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