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Saturday, January 17, 2015

TRP: Crosby's Nuts, Downie's Face, and Nassau Smells by @LCJS

By: Lee C.J. Sobotka | Staff Writer #409

This is Three Rivers Philosophizer - A weekly review of stuff that is going on in my brain... at least the stuff that has to do with hockey. If you don't like it, I don't blame you.

This Week In #FartNoise:

Penguins @ Canadians

Last Saturday, The Pens took on the Montreal Canadians.  After the 1st period it was 1-0 Habs.
During this intermission, the Patriots beat the Ravens and for as much as everyone hates the Pats, there was much rejoicing.
As the 2nd period was drawing to a close, the fan base was getting restless:

During the intermission, Dan Potash interviewed Geno. His thoughts on the period to come?
In the 3rd with the game tied 1-1, Crosby came up injured on a play.  He caught a skate in the spot were a skate should never go.

The gents over at ThePensblog caught the action in this gif:

The game proceeded into overtime, where the Pens got a rare power play after the Habs had too many men on the ice.  That's when Sidney Crosby ended his slump.

Wild @ Penguins:

On Tuesday night, the Pens welcomed the Minnesota Wild to town.  Early in the game, Marcel Goc got the opening goal.  More importantly, Zach Sill FINALLY got his first NHL point on the assist!

During the 2nd period, Downie got elbowed in the face. Of course, with the NHL's lazer sharp focus on head shots... THERE WAS NO CALL!

The NHL would later suspend Suter for 2 games.

After the score was made 5-1 Pens in the 3rd, people were wondering if Wild coach Mike Yeo had been fired yet:
Letang made it 6-1 and the Wild's Backstrom got the hook.  In the end, the final score was 7-2.
With that win, Marc-Andre Fleury has now beaten every team in the league.

Penguins @ Islanders:

Welcome to NYC!
Seems like standard behavior from Islanders fans. Pens fans had their own thoughts:

With 4.4 second left in the second, game tied at 2, Crosby was able to achieve his first 2 goal game since late October.
Sadly, this was not the Pens night as Kyle Okposo for the Islanders scored 4 goals and the Isles won 6-3.

It's a shame this week couldn't end on a high note, but the Pens won more than they lost since last Saturday.

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