The List: @Penguins All-Star Appearances 1968-2015 (Compiled by @ToonsBrian)

This weekend - barring any last-minute roster changes - Marc-Andre Fleury will occupy the 70th NHL All-Star Game roster spot to be taken by a Pittsburgh Penguin in the franchise's history.

The following is a list of each year's participants and how they affected the score sheet for the NHL's talent showcase.

Year Player Stat Sheet Honors
1968 Schinkel, Ken None
1969 Schinkel, Ken None
1970 Prentice, Dean 1 Goal

Woytowich, Bob 1 Assist, 4 PIM
1971 Polis, Greg None
1972 Polis, Greg None
1973 MacDonald, Lowell None

Polis, Greg 2 Goals MVP
1974 Burrows, Dave None

MacDonald, Lowell 1 Goal, 1 Assist
1975 Apps, Syl 2 Goals MVP

Pronovost, Jean None
1976 Burrows, Dave None

Larouche, Pierre 1 Assist

Pronovost, Jean None
1977 Pronovost, Jean None
1978 Pronovost, Jean None
1980 Stackhouse, Ron 1 Goal
1981 Carlyle, Randy None

Kehoe, Rick 1 Assist
1982 Carlyle, Randy 1 Assist

Dion, Michel 30:23 TOI
1983 Kehoe, Rick None
1984 Bullard, Mike None
1985 Lemieux, Mario 2 Goals, 1 Assist MVP
1986 Lemieux, Mario None
1988 Coffey, Paul None

Lemieux, Mario 2 Goals, 3 Assists MVP
1989 Brown, Rob None

Coffey, Paul None

Lemieux, Mario 1 Assist
1990 Coffey, Paul 2 Assists

Lemieux, Mario 4 Goals MVP
1991 Coffey, Paul None

Cullen, John 1 Assist

Recchi, Mark None

Stevens, Kevin 1 Goal
1992 Coffey, Paul None

Jagr, Jaromir 1 Assist

Lemieux, Mario 1 Assist

Stevens, Kevin 1 Goal

Trottier, Bryan 1 Goal
1993 Jagr, Jaromir 1 Goal, 1 Assist

Stevens, Kevin 1 Goal, 2 Assists

Tocchet,Rick 2 Goals
1994 Mullen, Joe 1 Goal, 1 Assist

Murphy, Larry None
1996 Francis, Ron 1 Assist

Jagr, Jaromir 1 Goal

Lemieux, Mario 2 Assists
1997 Hatcher, Kevin 1 Assist

Lemieux, Mario 2 Goals, 1 Assist
1998 Jagr, Jaromir 1 Goal
1999 Jagr, Jaromir 1 Assist

Straka, Martin None
2000 Jagr, Jaromir 1 Goal
2001 Kovalev, Alex 1 Assist

Lemieux, Mario 1 Goal, 1 Assist
2002 Lemieux, Mario 1 Goal
2003 Kovalev, Alex None
2004 No Penguins Participated

2007 Crosby, Sidney None
2008 Gonchar, Sergei None

Malkin, Evgeni 2 Assists
2009 Malkin, Evgeni 1 Goal
2011 Fleury, Marc-Andre Starter, 4 Goals Allowed

Letang, Kris 2 Goals
2012 Malkin, Evgeni 1 Goal, 1 Assist

Neal, James 1 Assist

NOTE: No All-Star Games were played in the years 1979 (The Challenge Cup was played with NHL players playing the Soviet Union. This was a 3-game series.), 1987 (The game was cancelled in favor Rendez-Vous'87 held in Quebec City.),1995 2005 and 2013 (Lockout years), and 2006, 2010 and 2014 (Olympic years).
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